Why I Ate McDonalds Every Day

Do you ever feel like you are constantly waiting? For the small things… to check out your groceries, to pick up a kid, to reach the weekend. For the big things… a baby, a situation to resolve, to graduate.

I am terrible at waiting. I’ve said it before, but patience is not really in my repertoire.

Sometimes this works in my favor. Other times, though, I wonder how much I miss because I simple cannot wait.

When we were living in Buenos Aires, lunch taught me a lot about waiting. Culturally, it was an event. Stores would sometimes close from 1-4 pm. You know… for lunch.

We would awkwardly arrive at restaurants at 11 am, ready to dine, and were often the first customers. Sometimes establishments weren’t even open yet. This was partly due to the fact that in Buenos Aires dinner may not begin until 10 pm.

Let’s just say, the Quezadas were on a different schedule entirely. Partly because, oh yeah, we were living with our four month old.

So we would arrive at a restaurant, ready to order, ready to eat. But the wait staff had other plans. Servers would never rush a patron. You may need to ask to order. You definitely have to request the check.

But the culture views eating as simply an excuse to socialize for hours. In fact, many restaurants add a small charge to the bill that I can only describe as a “table fee” because you are paying to use the table for several hours.

But as we arrived with a napping infant, I found the process laborious. I would only grow more frustrated when, after having ordered our food, Ella would start stirring before any sustenance had arrived at our table.

Knowing that my new best case scenario would be jiggling a fussy baby while eating one-handed, I would totally miss the experience, instead choosing my frustration.

Naturally, I did what anyone would do. I started eating at McDonald’s nearly every day. I’m not even kidding.

The only thing I can say for myself is that Argentina has great beef (does that statement remind anyone else of While You Were Sleeping?), so even McDonald's was extra amazing. I'll take a McNifica from San Telmo any day! 

I recently won a book online. (Wahoo!) It’s titled “The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing” by Jeff Goins.

This book is all about waiting, and there are moments I feel like Jeff was reading my journal before he penned chapters. It’s been a life-giving narrative.

I’m only four chapters in, but I’ve been encouraged of the value of waiting. I’m reminded what it can teach me and how waiting can shape who I am becoming.

Waiting is just so hard. And I’m not good at it. 

But I find myself, like I so often do, in a season of waiting. Waiting for Isaac to sleep through the night, start eating food, start walking, start talking. Waiting to write a book. (Okay, that one may be more about getting my act together.) And waiting to see how God is working in various circumstances in our lives.

I recommend this book, if you’re interested. Jeff is really a story-teller, so it’s a relatable, encouraging read.

How are you at waiting? Where have you seen God show up in the waiting?

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