What I'm Into In September

September is like the January of the fall… where everything is new again. It carries that wonderful sense of “starting over.” So fun!

I’m joining in with Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” again this month. Here’s what was up in the Q household this September:


My parents spent a week helping us out with the kids while we got adjusted to two working parents again. Isaac met both sets of my grandparents. And we bought our tickets for a visit to our Guatemala abuelos and family this fall. 

So fun to visit and laugh with family that loves us so and doesn’t judge when Ella collapses on the floor of the Olive Garden grumbling, “I take off my shoes. I am angry!”

Prison Break

Okay, this show is not new to us. We’ve gone through all four seasons twice fully and started the series again and again with new friends we try to convert. It’s pretty much amazing.

So you can imagine Billy and I totally freaking out when we realized we were sitting next to Dr. Sara Tancredi one afternoon at lunch. I wish I would have recognized her sooner.

Once I did, I tried to mouth my discovery to Billy. Naturally, he understood nothing and kept saying, “What? What?” Unfortunately, I don’t have a hand signal for “You’re sitting next to an actress from one of our all-time favorite shows!”

New TV

Currently, we’re watching Revolution. It’s got us pretty hooked. A look at life in a post-electronics world. As you might imagine, it involves a lot of agriculture and sword play.

I also have been catching up with The Mindy Project. I fell in love with Mindy Kaling after I read her book. Super witty and oh so funny. She was a writer for The Office, and now this is her own show. 

Oh, and it was the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. Yeah for the fall line-up!

The Treadmill

Maybe to counteract my TV viewing, but definitely to whittle away my baby weight, I signed up for a 5K this December. Now… after the last time… I said “Never again!”

But I’m training this time, and I did darken the doors of the gym a couple early mornings this September.


Last month, we rocked our USA patriotism. September was for Guatemala. Independence from Spain is celebrated every September 15. We gathered at a local Guatemalan restaurant and enjoyed tostadas, tacos and pepian

What have you been into this month?

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  1. One of my friends just introduced me to The Mindy Project. I'm not sure how I had missed out on it!

  2. Love me some Mindy! The second season is hilarious so far, even though I legit hate her haircut :/

  3. Hahahaha. She's more of a long-haired gal, I think! :)

  4. I know, right?? I've known it was around, but my friend kept talking about it, so I had to jump on board!

  5. becca16129:33 PM

    oh girl, watching Revolution season 2 premiere right now! :-)

  6. I just recently realized that this show is current. I'm like, "Billy, if we hurry, we can catch up and watch it in real time!" This didn't seem to get him as excited as it did me..... :)

  7. So cool you saw an actress from one of your favorite shows! I have not ever watched Prison Break but I do remember one of the actors was at a White Sox game when the show first premiered. That was cool.

  8. If you're into suspense, you totally have to watch it, Leigh! :)


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