August: Brought to You by the Letter "P"

Every now and then on blogs I read, I stumble upon these monthly “What I’m Into” posts. I have discovered some fun, new things via Alyssa, Grace and Abby. So this month I decided to join in!

Typically, I join trends way after they’re cool, so it’s unlikely you’ll discover the hottest, latest awesomeness here. Still, that’s where I sneak up from behind and surprise you with randomness. 

So here’s what I was into in August. Mysteriously, they all start with the letter “P,” so I just went with it.


Pool and Pizza – A friend initiated a simple email. “Let’s meet at the Y on Friday after school. Bring some cash.” 

The timing was awesome since working parents could join, we avoided being home during “meltdown hour” and I could rub some shampoo in Ella’s hair in the pool showers before putting on her pj’s for the ride home. Add good ‘old $5 Hot ‘N Ready pizzas from Little Ceasar’s and these were some fantastic summer evenings with friends. 

Easier than any party you could plan. I recommend making this happen before fall, if you haven’t already.

Patriotism – We celebrated Billy’s citizenship this month with an awesome Americana party. So grateful to the Dollar Tree for décor. And Pinterest hooked me up with this gem, which led to my next August pleasure….

Pretzels (covered in yogurt) – Let’s just say I accidentally overbought these for our party. And then I proceeded to eat them… all. Yum!


Psych My sister introduced me to this show. It took me a minute to get on board, but thanks to Netflix, you just keep watching until you’re hooked. Now I know I’ve watched too much because Shawn and Gus are my comrades in my dreams these days.

Perry – This song by Katy Perry is my summer jam. I love it. Perfect to crank up in the car and sing loudly. Every lady needs a good “woman power” song.

Parenting Anthem – I’ve also been into this song this summer as I’ve spent a lot of time with my kids. Love them like crazy… and sometimes I feel I’m going to go crazy.


Passports – Now that Billy is a citizen and Isaac is outside the womb, it was time to get our passports. The first baby photo op was a bust because the boy simply refused to wake up. But the second time produced these awesomeness…

Potty Training – I have never talked about the bathroom as much as I have in the month of August. Ella and I discuss it on the regular… and then I talk about it with my mom friends because this is no joke, y’all.

One day we will get there. I mean, I assume that’s the case. I tend to overreact and imagine doomsday scenarios where my child gives up before reaching basic milestones. So far I’ve always been proven foolish.

So there you have it. The Month of August. What were your favorite things this summer?
What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

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  1. becca161210:51 AM

    yay :-) I love link posts . . .

  2. Carrie1:03 PM

    You should use those passports and come down to Guatemala! Then Michelle, you, and I could have a baby playdate (and of course with Ella too!) :)

  3. thanks for linking me up! You should do each month with a different letter theme. lol =)

  4. I need to pay better attention to the good stuff I read online as well. I love it when you share those!

  5. I'm totally on board with this idea! Our tickets are booked. :)

  6. No problem. I enjoyed your post. And it helped me jump on board with Voxer. My husband had been singing its praises for weeks, but I was hesitant to join. Started today, and I'm totally sold!


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