3 Game Changing Apps for International Families

One year ago, I got my very first smartphone. And a couple months ago, Billy got his.

Now he's become the King of Apps.

Best of all, he's found new ways to communicate with family and friends in Guatemala. They provide opportunities for us to stay in engaged in the daily aspects of life. And they're free to boot!

Here are some of our favorites:


Billy raved about this for weeks to my skeptical ear. It's basically a walkie talkie that stores messages. You have the option to wait and listen to the message when you have a second and then respond with your own.

I finally got on board when I saw some of my blog friends mention that they use it. (This irked Billy since he'd already been selling it!) Now I can't quit...


This app allows Billy to make free phone calls and texts to family in Guatemala who have the same app.

It's totally free, which beats even the MagicJack prices we've been paying for international long distance.

Line also allows you to send photos and video via text.


Billy's mom doesn't have a smartphone. Pinger allows Billy to text his mom and receive texts from her. So amazing!

Wi-fi isn't always available or reliable across the globe. Still, these apps have made it easier for us to stay in touch with loved ones who have cell phones or smart phones.

Please share your favorite apps for communicating, whether across the ocean or across the street!

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  1. Whoa, gonna have to look into that last one... we're the ones with no smartphone and my SIL in Africa has one so this might be a good option! Especially when I'm out shopping for her and have a question!

  2. Yes! I think she would have to download the app. Let me know if/how it works for you!

  3. Katie3:35 PM

    My Mexican friend asked me to get Line so that we could speak on the phone. So I did. Turns out he doesn't have it yet! But I'm glad to hear other people are liking it. Hopefully some of my international friends get on board soon. :-)

  4. Yes! I hope so too. Let me know what you think about it once you start using it (or if you find something else)!

  5. Carrie8:35 AM

    Thanks for sharing these. I am going to check them out!

  6. I'm so glad! I hope they help you keep in touch. (You have to with such a cutie baby!)


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