Fighting Plaque and Saving Souls

I am currently on maternity leave and using this time on the blog to share some guest posts and favorites from the archives. This is an edited version of a post originally shared on my MySpace blog back in good 'ole 2006. I write on A Life with Subtitles a lot about Billy's culture, but I think it's good to balance that with posts about my culture as an 80's/90's kid growing up in the Evangelical world.

The fact of the matter is that I kinda like video games. Not in the psychopathic "where-have-the-last-five-days-of-my-life-gone" way, but every now and then I enjoy some video gameage. (As a sign of the times perhaps, in 2006 I said five hours, but when I read that now it didn't seem like that would seem like a lot to many people...)

Due to a small lack of finances, I never had a Super Nintendo, which I always thought would've been pretty cool. Still, my dad was (is) a computer guy, so I had the blessing of a Commodore 64. Most importantly, I had the most awesome of games.


Bearing a striking resemblance to its evil twin PacMan, I moved my man (read: toothbrush) around a maze-like board. All those PacMan dots were actually teeth in this version... teeth that I needed to keep clean.

As "bad guys" passed over them, they'd become yellow, then black before rotting right out. I had to keep up... brushing over the decaying teeth and restoring them to their former glistening glory.

Remember the PacMan "power dots" or whatever in the four corners? Yep. In PlaqueMan they were fluoride tablets, protecting you from the evil teeth gnomes.

So I'm releasing my question out into the Internet... Anyone? Has anyone EVER in their life played this game? I'll even settle for someone who's heard of the game or maybe knew someone else who played it. Seriously... anyone?

If that doesn't ring any bells, I'll throw out one more: "Spiritual Warfare."  

Basically, in this game, you ran from neighborhood to neighborhood, chucking the fruits of the Spirit (shaped like bananas, apples and the like) at unsuspecting passers-by. I guess this is how I first got interested in community ministry?

Oh, but it gets better. You can't, of course, kill people with the fruits of the Spirit. You can, however, convert them. Yes. As you hit each neighborhood resident, they would disappear and their little soul would float up into the 2D sky. Just. Awesome.

I'd love to know if I'm alone on this one, too? I will confess that I was never able to beat this game. I made my way through the Demon's Lair and was defeated by Satan time and time again. Hmmm.... What does that do for a young adolescent's theology?

So some of my deepest darkest secrets are out there. Anyone else willing to share they played these games? In 2006, I got no validating love. No one had heard of these gems. Maybe you have your own amusing games or Christian pop culture contribution to share? Let me know!

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  1. I'd just like to add, that not only did my sister play these games. There was graph paper involved that mapped out each level in order to aide her in defeating Satan. It was intense--yet awesome.

    1. Hahahaha... okay, so not ALL my darkest secrets were out there. Thanks for that addition! :)

  2. hahahaaha, I haven't, but this is incredibly funny... And truth, some kids may have thought from that game satan is unbeatable. You're one of the lucky ones

  3. I also had a Commodore 64 growing up and no Super Nintendo! Sadly, we did not have Plaque Man or Fruits of the Spirit, but they sound awesome. We did have Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, which I was obsessed with. My favorite thing was to put in names of people I was mad at and then let them fall off the ski jump or land on their face when diving. Now that I think about it, I might have been a creepy little kid...

  4. Thanks for commenting, Jessie! I hope other "Spiritual Warfare" players figured out how to beat Satan... :)

    And Heather, your confession made me giggle. I don't think I ever played the Olympic games, but sounds adventurous!

  5. Sokiko7:21 PM

    I absolutely love this game, it was one of the few my grandmother had for some reason (Her oldest nephew gave it too all the grandkids to play at her house). We had pac-man, all the mario games, Spititual warfare, Zelda, Skate or Die, and the simpsons space invaders. I thought I was the only one who ever played this game!

  6. Yay!!!!! You're the first person who has ever responded to me that you've heard of and played this game. I'm so glad we found each other!!!! :)


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