Fabio Introduced Us to Italy

Much of our efforts in raising multicultural children (that’s right, I’m practicing that word… children) have understandably focused on Latin America. However, while their bicultural identity development is certainly important to us, we also want them to have a broad, global perspective.
When I heard from Plushkies about their global characters, I decided it was time for us to branch out country-wise. It wasn’t long before Fabio arrived on our doorstep.

I decided Italy was a good choice due to our family’s affinity for “Italian food.” In fact, there was a brief period where Ella simply referred to dinner as “Pizza time!” This was particularly awkward when we were with others and she would use the word pizza in the place where most people would simply say food.
Ella’s gotten a big kick out of Fabio and his big chef’s hat. And we’ve had some fun conversations about pizza, spaghetti and the colors of the flag of Italy. (Or “Itty” as it’s come to be called in our house.)
According to my Pinterest feed, I have a lot of friends who are mamas, teachers, homeschoolers or soon-to-be teachers. So when Plushkies asked me if I’d like to share about their characters, I thought they might be of interest to those of you seeking to educate young’uns about our globalized world.
Check ‘em out. They have characters from China, the US, Mexico, and of course, “Itty.” And they have resources that provide facts, song and games from the countries. It’s a fun way to introduce multiculturalism.
In our house, we’ll keep talking about flag colors, hugging Fabio and eating pizza.

What’s one way you’ve introduced multiculturalism to young children?

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  1. This summer for our cooking camp I had one of our retired missionaries from Philippians come and make a popular Filipino dish. She made Chicken Adobo and then shared about the culture. I was shocked that everyone loved the dish (this only happens with pizza :) and a couple of them had their families make it too. Your post may just inspire an international cooking camp this winter.

    1. I love this idea, Heidi! Yay for international cooking camps! I've got Papa Johns on the line... ;)


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