Welcome Baby Q #2

It's with great joy that we introduce you to the newest member of our family.

Isaac Guillermo Quezada
8 lbs 9 oz
20.5 inches
Born July 10 at 8:27am

It's been so fun getting to know this little guy. He is one of the chillest babies I've ever met. I mean look at that hair. You can't fake that kind of cool.

He is definitely a sleeper. Of course, I only have one baby to compare it to, and I simply have no memories of her sleeping as an infant. She was just super active from the beginning.

People used to say, "Oh, babies just eat and sleep." I just thought that was a cruel joke told to first time parents.

I had hoped to have this post up last week, but I was busy trying to figure out why hospital staff don't coordinate their incessant room visits. And I was laughing non-stop at Billy's ridiculousness when he kept wanting me to challenge another recovering mother to a race as we re-practiced walking in the hospital hallways.

All in all, Isaac's birthday was a wonderfully, special experience. I am so thankful that he's arrived, healthy and joyful.

Ella is getting a big kick out of being a big sister. She is very concerned about his umbilical cord "boo-boo," and she gets overly thrilled when he's awake. "Isaac open his eyes! Yay!!!!" I think he endeared himself to her when he greeted her with a gift. What's not to love about a brother that brings you purple pom-poms?

So far this baby doesn't seem to speak English or Spanish, just "googly goo." Still, I'm sure down the road we'll have even more inspiration for our bicultural baby-raising tales and adventures.

For the next few weeks, I hope you'll keep visiting the blog. I pre-planned some content in case I was too bleary-eyed to write. There will be some guest posts, a few hi-lights from the past, as well as a few new-to-here posts I wrote back in the day.

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  1. Awww what a beautiful new addition! Congrats on a healthy baby!! What a little darling he is :)

  2. Congrats Sarah, he's beautiful! I found second babies to be waaaaaaaay more chill (or is it us that's more chill?) at least in my experience! Just watch out for the #2 as a toddler... oh boy!

  3. ahh congratulations friend! Cant wait to meet him for real :-)

  4. Thanks y'all! And Adia, I totally agree. Many times this week I have wondered if it's really me that's more laid back. :) Probably a mixture of both!

  5. Sarah, congrats! Yay for sleepy newborns! Hoping the you get a chance to rest, too! P.S. I like how his little arms are busting out of his swaddle : ) I have just started swaddling Elena with her arms OUT-- no need to fight it.

  6. Congratulations Sarah and Billie! He's such a cutie. Our second baby was also way more relaxed and slept awesomely. I think I have to agree that it was probably because we parent were also more relaxed! Enjoy your precious first weeks with him!

  7. I hope you and Elena are having a wonderful first month together, Michelle. And thank you, Fiona. We are cherishing these first weeks for sure!

  8. Congratulations! New babies are so fun! (and I had no babies ever that just slept and ate, all of mine were colicky for like the first 3 months)

    1. Oh, Krista. I'm so sorry to hear that. Constant soothing wears a mama out. I am definitely aware of how different my experience is this time, and I am super grateful!


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