The Beauty and Terror of Craigslist

Craigslist is pretty much amazing. In our household, you can almost guarantee we’re going to check Craigslist before buying any item over about $20.

What have been some of our best finds? Well, we snagged our bedroom furniture from an apartment model. Very pretty, but never used? Sure, we’ll take that off your hands. 

When Billy got a job requiring a cargo van, we bought it (and later sold it) on Craigslist. We sold our car on the site, too, which was great because apparently it’s hard to sell stick shifts. C’mon people, manual transmissions are awesome

We once met up with a guy while on vacation to purchase music equipment. I just hoped it would work since it’s surprisingly difficult to test in a secluded parking garage. 

Same feeling when we purchased a PSP from a teenage boy in the suburbs. Should we have waited until his parents were home? Possibly. 

We even picked up our sweet dog Daisy from a frightening rural area of Georgia. I like to think of us as “rescuing her” since she was outside in the rain and covered with so many fleas, I was itching for days. 

The only major item we didn’t buy on Craigslist was our TV because… you know, we like to buy those in the middle of the night with a mob of strangers

A couple of years ago (before baby), when Billy and I decided to rent out a room in our house, we naturally went to Craigslist searching for a roommate. This process made me a tad nervous because you never know who you’ll meet this way.

However, we had a few promising prospects and decided to meet one guy we’ll call Greg. I suggested we meet Greg at a nearby Wendy’s. You know… just in case he turned out to be a lunatic. Billy strongly disagreed. “Oh no. He sounded fine on the phone.” Hmmm… okay, sure. 

As the time grew nearer to Greg’s planned arrival, however, Billy seemed to become more and more concerned about the whole plan. He started unlocking the back door, assuring me we could make a quick exit… if need be. He repositioned our knives for easy access… because apparently, that might become necessary. 

He began verbally walking me through different scenarios and pointing out items that could potentially be used as weapons. I was listening intently and growing more nervous about this attacker we’d apparently invited into our home. 

Suddenly, I heard myself asking, “Do we have to kill him?” 

I’m delighted to report the answer to that question was indeed a resounding, “No.” We all got through the interview unscathed.

Billy probably mentioned that we go to church like sixteen times in the thirty minute interaction… you know, just to let him know where we stand. 

Ultimately, he seemed a bit too eager to tell us what he thought we wanted to hear. (Basically, it quickly became a “who-goes-to-church-more” contest between the two men while I looked on, utterly baffled.)

Later, we did actually have a girl we met through Craigslist move into our spare room. She was sweet and, except for the time I stumbled up her having internet installed to our house without any kind of conversation, it all worked out well.

What great finds have you discovered on Craigslist? 

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  1. Oh my goodness, craigslist is a virtual bargain heaven! I've bought/sold a double jogging stroller, end tables, diaper genie, bookshelf, bathroom cabinet, exterior lighting fixture, and most recently, my office desk! It can be so addicting:)

    1. Addicting is right! It's like a 24-hr a day garage sale with everything you can imagine!

  2. Melissa9:46 AM

    We LOVE Craigslist! We have bought and sold cars, furniture, pots & pans, dishes, mopeds, rugs...pretty much, just as you said, if it costs over $20, we check Craigslist. ;)


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