When the Cake Is Too Short

Next weekend is Billy’s birthday. It’s not a major milestone or anything, but we’ve been preparing for weeks. The bounce house has been secured. Corn hole sets requested. The lawn mowed and the fire pit prepared.

Billy has been preparing the menu as he plans to make his famous traditional tacos. Well... famous might be an exaggeration, but he did used to own a taco cart in Guatemala. He’d set himself up on the college campus and catch all the late-night crowd coming out of class or the library.

He’s also planning on frijoles volteados (Yum! My favorite… the Guatemalan refried black beans.) And I’m pushing for him to make guacamole because his homemade is just so tasty.  

So I need to deal with the cake. This is where I need your help.

Our first married celebration of Billy’s birthday, I knew he loved strawberry cake. So I bought some fresh strawberries, some shortcake, and some whipped cream. When I served it to him and his family, you can imagine my newlywed disappointment when they all asked me, “What is this?”

It went from awkward to worse when I explained strawberry shortcake and then took a bite to discover the shortbread was stale. (One of the real frustrations of the lower quality food often sold at urban grocery stores.)

So it turns out that Billy loves strawberry cake , which I have since learned is different than strawberry shortcake. I don’t know that this is truly a cultural difference as much as a childhood difference.

But I’m open to suggestions. This is by no means a cooking blog… mainly because all I have to contribute to that conversation is how to preheat an over for frozen pizza. But I’d love any strawberry cake recipies you’ve tried. I gotta make one this weekend, friends!

Also, I’d love to know your sweet gestures (or those gone awry) for a loved one!

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  1. Girl, strawberry box cake is delicious. My fav :-) Adam usually makes anything delicious, but even I can handle a yummy strawberry cake from the box :-)

    1. I concur. Box cake, just add chopped up strawberries and everyone will think it is homemade!!

  2. Yep...while I'm not into strawberry cake, I've def had several boxed strawberry cakes! Good luck!

  3. This is way better than any boxed mix!!


  4. I think I hang out with the right kind of folks! Box cake is never out of the question in my mind. My only thing about this is I think a lot of those are pink, and I think his thing is the white cakes with strawberries inside and out. I'm going to do some more investigation! Of course, I'm still okay with boxed white cake and adding strawberries! :) Although, I will say that kinda involves me fulfilling an "American girl" stereotype... :)

  5. Diane made an amazing strawberry cake for Ava's first birthday! It involved blending strawberry's and putting holes in the cake and pouring the blennded mixture into the holes:) But it was awesome!

    1. This sounds amazing! It also sounds like something I may not be able to handle. :)


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