Time Is Tickin' Away

It’s been birthday palooza around these parts. After loading up on frijoles, chicken, pineapples, avocados and more onions than one household should contain… Billy began cooking for nearly two days straight. Then he rocked the socks off some traditional tacos and his own homemade salsas.

But even though it’s his birthday, I won’t talk about how I know he’s getting older. I will simply say that I have come to the shocking realization that I am.

Actually, I’ve been looking forward to becoming old as long as I can remember. First it was the typical stuff like learning to drive a car and being able to “do whatever I want” (which still hasn’t ever really seemed to materialize, but whatever…)

Then I became uniquely eager to donate blood at age 17 and drive a 15-passenger van at 25. I don’t know why, but I was way more excited than the average person about these milestones.

But really, my desire to age hasn’t waned. I looked forward to my 30’s because I thought people might start taking me seriously (also yet to really materialize, but who knows…). But I also look forward to that glorious day when I can say whatever I want and people will just laugh and shake their heads. “That Sarah. She’s so old,” they’ll say.

However, aging is not really going as expected. In fact, I recently had three startling revelations that I’m aging: 

I found myself not changing the station when a varicose vein treatment commercial came on. In fact, I was listening intently thinking, “Hmmm… younger looking legs?”

I was certain I had behind-the-knee cancer when I first discovered the squishy lump. I was both relieved and horrified when my midwife barely looked up and said, “Oh, that’s just a vericose vein. It may go away after the baby’s born. Then again, it may not!” she told me cheerfully. 

I turned down Chick-fil-A because we had plans after dinner. Basically, no matter how much I like the original chicken sandwich, my body simply can’t process all that salty, processed goodness like it used to. I eat my nuggets and then I really need a nap. 

The eyes are the first to go. I have had 20/15 vision for as long as I can remember. I also hadn’t had an eye test in as long as I can remember. But hey, I don’t have problems, so why go looking for trouble?

Well, because I discovered I have vision insurance that I’ve never used, so I thought, “Why not?” After all, I do gaze at a computer screen for an obscene number of hours a day. It’d be good to check in with my eyes.

I have rarely experienced the vulnerability of being asked to read a simple string of letters and seeing only blurry spots. I was saying things, but she didn’t confirm if I was correct or not. All I know is, in the end, I don’t yet need glasses, but my vision is no longer 20/15.

I guess the good news is I won’t be able to see my non-young looking legs in coming days. And thankfully, it seems my friends and family are aging with me, so it should all work out.

Do you ever notice that you’re getting older? What gave it away? Oh, and did you or did you not catch the dctalk shout out in the title?

P.S. Curious how the cake turned out? Here's a photo. Please ignore the rogue strawberries sliding down into the moat of jam and icing. I kept removing them from the edges and more just kept sliding off. But it was tasty! (And that's what counts, right?) Thanks for all your suggestions and tips! 


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  1. I enjoy your blog Sarah. It's funny.

    1. Thanks so much, Shane! :)

  2. The cake looks delicious!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I will confess that I made two and this was the better-looking of the pair. :) It's good as long as you don't investigate. I tweeted that day, "Icing covers a multitude of sins." Absolutely!!!


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