Lost In Translation

We’re considering having our deck extended behind our house. I mean… we like watching Ella skip circles around the dog bed in front of the grill, but we thought a little more space might be safer. 

This first company we pursued insisted on sending a guy to our house. That guy insisted that Billy be there because he wanted to make sure nothing was “lost in translation.” Billy awkwardly responded, “Well… my wife speaks perfect English.” (Why, thank you.)

I don’t know if that’s what the guy meant or he was afraid I wouldn’t know how to sell “it will totally be worth it” after he finally told us (together) the incredibly high price. Yeah. Not going to happen.

A little word-of-mouth, and we found a guy willing to build a deck for us for pennies, comparatively. Since there was such a large price gap, I did want to make sure we wouldn’t all be plummeting to our deaths due to “affordable” craftsmanship.

So I texted a friend who’d used him. “We love our deck!” she responded. “And it seems quality to our untrained eye. Feel free to check it out.”

I relayed this message to Billy. “What’s untrainedeye?” he asked me.

But before I could respond… “Ooooh, I get it. Untrain diet!

I started laughing and shaking my head. But before I could open my mouth… he continued. “Like they’re joking that they’re fat and their deck has never collapsed!”

Wow. How on earth did we get here?

He was so proud to have navigated this witty message. Still, I blurted out, “No! Untrained EYE!” while poking myself in the face enthusiastically.

We both burst into laughter.

“Don’t you love life with me?” he asked. “So much more exciting.”

So true, my friend. So true…

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  1. haha! I love those language mix-ups. They really do add a little extra to our marriages, don't they?


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