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I'm excited to be guest posting today at Accidental Devotional. I've mentioned Abby before in a post where our girls scraped pre-chewed gum off the playground sidewalk to enjoy. Fun times! She writes a lot of great reflections on faith and teaching and gender. Check out her blog and enjoy today's guest post. Here's a little sneak peak:

Pretty much since I graduated high school and my decisions became “my own,” I’ve been in some kind of life transition. Choosing a major or career… Relocating or contemplating a move… figuring out who to marry… changing jobs… deciding if and when to have babies.

The season of the 20’s is an exhilarating and exhausting time. The world was my oyster, and that was a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming.

With both feet now firmly planted in my 30’s, the last two months of my life have felt more “settled” than I have known in years.

I’ve already chosen my husband. And after four years of job searching, he was recently hired at a great company that he truly enjoys. This development eliminated any lingering thoughts of “Will we need to move?” I’m in a groove with my own job, and we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our second child.

Suddenly, I find myself with fewer questions about the future… at least the immediate one anyway. There are no big decisions looming that I know I need to address. For the most part, I can kind of guess what my life will look like in six months. That has rarely been the case.

Read the full post on Accidental Devotional by clicking here.

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