100% Guest Post Series

Some of my favorite posts (and reader favorites) on this blog have been about multicultural identity. My Latino Husband is White and “Not Really White”: Thoughts on the New Pope were some of my own reflections about our family’s “white Latino” identity. Alyssa wrote a popular guest post The Not-So-Tragic Mulatto: What Growing Up Biracial Taught Me

In 2013, I started collecting reader stories about their cultural identity. To see posts in this series, click here.

Do you have a story to tell about multicultural identity? 

Maybe you grew up in a culture different than your own. Maybe you or your parents immigrated to a new country. Perhaps your culture is different than your parents’. Or maybe your parents are from different races or cultures. 

I am interested in stories of all kinds from those who have reflected on their multicultural identity. Would you consider sharing your story on A Life with Subtitles? 

I'm always interested in new additions to this guest post series. 

Below are some simple questions to get you started thinking, but you do not need to feel compelled to answer one. They are here to give you ideas, but you are welcome to explore a different direction if you so desire. 

  • What are some of the things you love about your multicultural identity? 
  • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced around multicultural identity? 
  • Share an experience where your multicultural identity was particularly salient. 
  • What is something your parents (or somone else) said or did to help you become comfortable in your identity? 
  • What is something you wish your parents had done differently or that you would do differently you’re your children? 
  • Share an experience where travel helped you to process your own ethnic identity.

To submit your post, click here

Over the last several years, I have heard so many powerful and important stories from people who have multicultural experiences to share. I look forward to hearing yours as well!

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  1. I've asked my husband if he'd be interested in writing some thoughts for this.

    1. Excellent! I hope that he will! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome! I had sent you a message about it because I wanted to invite you. Your perspective is always appreciated! :)

  3. Yes I got your message! My response time to all correspondence is abysmal, but I did get it and I will reply soon! Thanks for thinking of me and I'd love to contribute to your blog again!


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