Baby Bump in Flight

This week I am flying again. In an unfortunate turn of events, my flight was preemptively canceled. Thankfully, I was able to rebook.

However, moving my departure time up several hours really affected my packing procrastination.

But I arrived unscathed. Now I must simply wait to die in the storm allegedly headed toward Chicago. I should have packed water and batteries.

It was around this same time in my pregnancy with Ella that I first flew to Buenos Aires. I must admit, the international experience of being pregnant is hard to beat!

From the moment we arrived, I was whisked to the front of the immigration line. In addition, nearly every ride on the Subte meant someone insisting (not offering... insisting) that I take their seat.

What brought me sheer delight, though, was the express lane at the grocery store. Yes. There was a line at the checkout with a sign for elderly, disabled, and me...preggo!

If you're not familiar with the symbol for "pregnant lady," it is super cute. Similar to the graphic above, but it tended to be more of a side profile with a heart in the belly. Sweet, right?

Well, no speedy payment for my pickles and ice cream in the States. And the lady in Security looked at me like I was crazy when I wanted to verify the safety of the human scanner for my baby.

But overall, people are kind when you travel pregnant. At least they don't run from you like they do when you have a newborn on a flight!

Have you traveled or visited other places while pregnant? Any unique experiences?


  1. Brazil has awesome preferential treatment for pregnant women (and women with small babies) almost everywhere - airports, banks, grocery stores, labs (especially nice when you have to go for all those blood tests throughout your pregnancy). It almost makes it faster to get some things done while pregnant or with a small baby. :)

  2. Traveling pregnant with a small child is the best! I paid for one seat while traveling with my almost two year old "lap child," plus baby bump, and ended up being given three seats with extra legroom. I did not complain. Love it when people are so sweet!

  3. I traveled to Jamaica while I was only 8 weeks pregnant & EVERY new smell, EVERY bumpy car journey, EVERYTHING made me completely nauseous...and I threw up in front of so many strangers it was ridiculous. Didn't help that I was not there for vacation, it was a missions trip & it was sort of a disaster. lol

  4. I love hearing these pregnancy travel stories! Thanks for sharing, ladies. :)

  5. I did, but I can't remember getting any special treatment because of it. We did take advantage of the close pregnancy parking space at Sears in Guatemala City though. I wish they had those in the States - doing Christmas shopping in the freezing weather would have been much more enjoyable!

    1. I know! I totally thought that the other day. I was weaving through a parking lot WISHING for a space with a baby bump on it! :) I'm always grateful for IKEA's "Family Parking" spaces. Thank you, Sweden!


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