5 Minute Friday: Rest

I'm trying something new today. Several of my "blogger friends" have shared some great posts as part of a link-up at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog called 5 Minute Friday. One word. Five minutes to write. Go. I liked the concept, and it felt manageable. So today I'm giving it a whirl. Hope you enjoy, and if you like to write... head on over there and join in the party! 

Rest. Ha! That word has been showing up everywhere in my life recently. It’s like God is trying to send me a message or something…. 

Things in my life have felt *slightly* crazy lately. 

With Billy starting a new job (for which we are SO grateful), our home life has gone through some major transitions. These are best exemplified by the disaster that is my kitchen right now… and my living room… and the dining room table. 

Having one parent at home for the last two years meant a very different pace of life… and attention to details like clean clothes… and dinner. 

Now Billy leaves before the sun (or Ella) is awake, so I greet her in the morning, wrestle her out of her pajamas, and drop her off at preschool before my day in the office. Her care is half day, so I pick her up, return her home for a “nap,” and try to squeeze in the rest of my full-time job while she jumps in her crib. 

In some ways, life has never felt better, but it some ways it’s never felt quite so wild. 

So how does a person rest… in the midst of working, in the midst of pregnancy, in the midst of raising a toddler? 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

I am trying to be more intentional about literal rest. You know… turning off the super addicting Etsy and actually heading to bed. But also being willing to sit down and put my feet up when my back just hurts. (Hey, stickers can gift you a couple minutes of peace.) And I’m thankful for friends… who head out for impromptu pedicures and who chat it up even as our kids swirl around our legs. Because finding rest in those moments of joy are becoming so important to me in this season of life.

How do you rest when life feels crazy? 

Five Minute Friday


  1. I'm learning to breathe deeply. Even when physical rest seems like an eternity away, I know the Holy Spirit can transform my spirit with just a breath and a prayer.

    1. Hi Jen ~ thanks for visiting and for the restful reminder!

  2. I'm jealous that you did 5 minute friday...I've been wanting to, but have always been too chicken! :)

    1. You TOTALLY should. I was surprised how nervous I felt once I actually decided to do it... but it was pretty painless. :)

  3. In this stage of life I'm finding that it's almost more of a state of mind... 'cuz you really don't get more than a few minutes of rest at a time!
    And yes, turning off the internets to go to bed... I could learn that lesson!

    1. State of mind indeed. Thanks, Krista!


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