Mother of the Year: Valentine’s Day

Last year Valentine’s Day scarred me.

While I was busy writing whimsical posts about cross-cultural terms of endearment, what I was not doing was preparing to be a good preschool mom.

First of all, I was shocked and appalled by the email from her class with a list of the kids’ names. It had never crossed my mind that my fourteen-month old would need to send Valentine’s. I mean, we hadn’t celebrated when she was two months… why now?

So I ran to Target, swiped a box of Valentines with dogs and cats wearing angel’s wings. Creepy… but kid-friendly. They each came with a small sticker. Wait. That’s a tattoo I just handed out to a classroom of one year olds. Awesome.

Little did I know that providing a room full of infants with body art was the least of my offenses. Party day arrived and when I picked Ella up, I realized a small Valentine was only the beginning. There were little toys, handmade cards with clever (mildly uncomfortably romantic) phrases, and loads of candy.

What?! Candy? When did Valentine’s become Halloween’s little sister?

This year I was so on it. I had an Amazon order a couple weeks ago that was just under the “free shipping” mark, so I found packs of Valentine’s stickers. Two year olds go wild for stickers. It’s ridiculous. (That and I didn’t really want to support the candy-ization of Valentine’s.)

But I didn’t get the email with the kids’ names, so quite frankly, I forgot about preschool Valentines. Until Wednesday… when Billy brought home her love tokens from some other kids. Oooh no! Are you kidding me? I have packs of stickers! Seriously!

She’s in a different class Tuesdays and Thursdays than the other days, so I had my game face on for The Day. I still didn’t know the kids’ names, so I debated what to write. I considered “Let’s stick together” or “I’m stuck on you,” but ultimately decided on “Love, Ella.” It was quicker.

I was flying high when I dropped her off on Thursday. Score! No tattoos for these toddlers.

But then today happened... back in her Wednesday class where I'd already neglected to tell 2-year olds how much my daughter loves them. I thought it was over. I’d missed the boat.

When I returned from work, Billy informed me. “Vos, she got more Valentine’s today!! I felt so bad. I just scooped them into her lunchbox and ran out with my head down!” 

AH HAHAHAHA! Are you kidding me? I have packs of stickers, people!!! 

Alright my Parents of the Year... what did you do for your kid's class on Valentine's Day?


  1. It is times like this that I am so glad Brazilians don't celebrate Valentine's Day in th same way. We actually have it in June. :) And it's much more about "couples" and less about kids and candy.

    1. I like that! Next year, I think Ella will be old enough to "make her own" so I think I'll soon be off the hook. :)

  2. unless you missed a flyer being sent home (or some kind of newsletter), that was totally not your fault!!! and the friday Valentine's were clearly from other moms who panicked when their kid came home with Valentine's on wednesday!!!

    regardless...sorry! and we loved our stickered Valetine, btw. <3

    1. Ha! Thanks for defending my honor ~ that's what family is for! :)

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