Nochebuena 2012

This year Christmas took on a new dimension of fun. Gabriella is reaching an age where she is beginning to enjoy festivities and the swirl of things outside of the ordinary.

Last year, I shared how were were beginning to meld our cultural traditions and celebrate both the Latin Nochebuena on Christmas Eve and some of my favorites on Christmas morning. It was fun to include Gabriella in the party this year. Here's a few pictures from our Nochebuena celebration.

Of course, tamales! We picked these up at the Carniceria the afternoon of Christmas Eve. They included some of the hottest sauce I've ever had. And I loved it!

We had to return to the store to pick up the frijoles. The place would just be empty without frijoles volteados.

And finally... our Americanized version of the Guatemala City fireworks. Our neighbors likely think we're crazy when we stand on the porch in the cold every Christmas Eve waving a few sparklers. This lasts a few minutes before we scramble inside to warm up. Hey... it's warmer in Guatemala!

I hope your celebrations were very merry this year. I'd love to hear your unique family traditions as well!

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  1. Those are great traditions, I love the DuCal beans. We always buy those ones too :)


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