All That And A Bag of Chips

Remember all that ridiculous procrastination and indecision involved in packing for our trip to Guatemala? Well, we left enough space upon returning that we were able to bring back to the States a few of Billy’s favorite treats from home. 

Namely, Rancheritos. 
More specifically, this last trip we brought back twelve bags of Doritos-similar-but-definitely-better chips.
It’s always risky flying with so many bags of chips since you could basically land with twelve bags of finely ground crumbs… but we’re getting good at it. I used to hesitate on the “Are you bringing back farm products?” question at customs, but really… nothing on these bad boys came from a farm.
You might be wondering what makes Rancheritos so special… and I couldn’t really tell you. They are pretty tasty chips, but Billy adores them. And you can’t get them in the States.
Once I did find them in a gas station near San Francisco. And I tried ordering Billy a box from MexGrocer.com, but he still declares they weren’t the same.
Last week, Billy opened the final bag of the dozen. It’s a sad moment that signifies this year’s trip home is truly over.
It seems we went through twelve bags mighty fast, but see, that’s the problem with singing the praises of a chip. Billy eagerly shared Rancheritos with me and Gabriella. But then… you know, we liked ‘em. So we wanted some, too… and a few more. Ah, family…
What are your must-haves to bring back when you go home for a visit?


  1. Love this! Living in Brazil we have a lot of options and great foods, but there are definitely some things I miss from Canada and Asia (grew up there). My mother in law just came back from a trip to the US/ Canada and brought us s lot of goodies. My big ones? Dill Pickles and Black licorice :)

  2. I'm still in my "home," but if I ever moved away...it would definitely be Ale 8 One.

  3. That is so funny! Being in ATL was the longest I've been away from home, but I truly miss Kroegers 'Oreo' style cookies from ATL. I don't have a kroegers around here and they are so good! We used to hoard them as a team; hide the box from each other; eat them secretly! The memories and the taste are what make them so special. Nothing like it!

    As my family gets ready to move across the country, I think the only thing I'll truly miss about California food is that I can have fresh fruit anytime I want, pretty much any fruit I want. ATL did not have that! California: In the dead of winter, I can go to the store and get an orange, apple, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, avocado, tomato, onion varieties, lettuce, cucumber, squash. ANY TIME! We forget how blessed we are out here on the west coast.

  4. I love this. I can't say I remember what Rancheritos taste like, I will have to try them again when we get back to Guatemala.

    Some of my favorite things to take back are Chai Tea bags, butterscotch chips, and seasoning packets to make tacos, etc.

  5. I love all these additions to the "favorite foods from home" list! Taara, I can definitely feel you on the dill pickles... when you crave one, there really is no substitute. And Mary, I was with a former Kentucky resident in Kentucky a couple weeks ago, and he stocked up with about a dozen cases of Ale-8.

    Beth, I hope all the move goes well. The good news is you can probably gets those fruits and veggies these days (even in ATL), but the bad news is it is more expensive than CA.

    And Carrie, definitely try the Rancheritos again! :) When we lived in Argentina, I missed salsa and hummus so much.

    Thank you all for chiming in. Great additions!

  6. Ohh how I miss my bolivian organic chocolate covered rice puffs from El Ceibo... the best treat of all! :)

    1. Those sound yummy, Dana!


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