Advent: Love on Different Terms

We are entering the fourth and final week of Advent… welcoming the God of Love who came to Earth in the form of an infant. Love.

I was contemplating how I experience or understand the love of Christ. And per usual, I thought to myself, “I really don’t.”

I often have very clear ideas how I would appreciate God showing me love. Usually it involved giving me what I want or what I “know” will make me happy. Sometimes I have trouble reconciling different expressions of love than what I desire.

This concept is clear to me in parenting. Sometimes I love my daughter through quality time, sometimes through special treats, sometimes in discipline (which truly is not fun for either of us), and sometimes in hugs and kisses. She does not always appreciate these different forms.

In my relationship with God, I can often mimic my daughter, certain that the only thing someone who loves me would do is give me a big plate of cookies for dinner. That’s what would make me happy. (Actually, once I did let Gabriella gorge herself on queso dip. Later that night, I found her asleep in her own pool of pre-eaten queso, and I learned an important lesson about how love can sometimes mean saying no to more queso.)

All this to say I want to be open to listening and watching this week for how God expresses love… to me, to my neighbors, to the world. Christmas week we celebrate the act of love of sending Jesus into humanity. How is God doing that today? Where is God’s love expressed in the details of my everyday?

I often want love on my own terms, but there is the (sometimes challenging) reality that God’s love is higher and deeper and wider than even my imagination. I should receive the love on God’s terms, not my own.

Where do you see God’s love this Christmas season?

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  1. Sometimes eating all that queso IS worth sleeping in a pool of vomit. :)


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