2012: The Favorites

Here's the wrap-up of 2012 on A Life with Subtitles in case you missed some of the more popular posts, you can you see what were the Top 6 most viewed posts on the blog this year.

Of course, I made the executive decision to eliminate ones especially loved by the spammers and included frequent comments like "Thank you for providing great content. I am so happy to have found your site. Please check out my site: How to Build a Business from Home" left by "Anonymous." I decided those weren't real views by real readers.

I am happy, however, to give some love to some of the guest posts that were written this year. I loved having new voices share their perspectives on multicultural life, and I'm glad you enjoyed them, too!

So here they are.... the superlative stealers of 2012:

#6: Tricked Into a Date: Somehow the "girls' outing" to watch a chick flick turned into a double date complete with Billy paying for my ticket, a bookstore, and a hug. How did this happen?!

#5: Being White & Looking for a Brown Doll: Guest poster Michelle from Simply Complicated reflects on privilege while shopping for a baby doll for her neice.

#4: The Big DTR Talk: There's the moment in every relationship when it must be defined. Apparently, it's unavoidable.

#3: How I Met My Husband: This post launched a nearly 6-month series of our immigration love story. The short answer is "I don't remember."

#2: The Not-So-Tragic Mulatto: What Growing Up Biracial Taught Me: My friend Alyssa from All Things Beautiful wrote an incredible post on the beauty of growing up with biracial heritage.

#1: How My Husband Came to the States: Yes. The most popular post of 2012 involves a song entitled "No More Suffer." What's not to love about a Guatemalan Christian hard core Spanish rock star?

Hope you have a wonder New Year's Eve, and I wish you a joyful, rockin' 2013!

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  1. I was so happy by the response I received from my guest post on A Life with Subtitles!! Thanks for having me on your blog! :)


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