The One Where We Tie the Knot

Back in June, I wrote a post entitled “How I Met My Husband.” Somewhat unexpectedly, that initial story developed into a six-month saga of our dating and engagement and the different ways that immigration played a part. We were especially honored to be featured in a 5-part series on the G92 website.

So here we are, officially the 20th post of this story, and it’s our wedding day!

I had wanted to incorporate some Guatemalan traditions into our wedding, but Billy kept telling me that the weddings in Guatemala City were very similar to US weddings. The only idea he offered was for our entrance to the reception. It involved my father breaking a pinata filled with rice over our heads. I decided, well, no… we would not be doing that.

We did, however, incorporate the Guatemalan tradition of visiting each table for toasts, rather than the select, public toasts. It was so fun to hear from our friends and family and connect with each group, even if only for a brief moment.

Billy’s parents and friends from home were sorely missed, though we made sure to call his folks from the reception.

The day was beautiful. We were so excited to be married. It was the start of a grand adventure!

Of course, on our wedding day, Billy was still an undocumented immigrant. So there will still be a few more posts in this series as we tie up those important loose ends.

If you want to catch up on all the posts about how we met, click here. Or move on to the next post, Petition for an Alien Relative

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