Thank You For This Cookie

Can I tell you what drives me crazy about children my child? (I won’t bring the kiddos you love into it… I’m sure they never do this.)

The perfect example was this past weekend as we attended our second of what I believe will be four Thanksgiving celebrations. I noticed too late as I directed Gabriella’s attention to the sliced apples platter that it was right next to the cookie tray. “Cookie!” she exclaimed.

“After you eat some dinner, you may have a cookie,” I told her. And I was true to my word. After she ate the sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and corn casserole that make up an awesome Southern Thanksgiving, I went back and got her a cookie.

She dove in face first, scraping the chocolate off with her teeth. I mean, how else would you eat a cookie?

But then… something happened. She looked up and discovered Billy had a brownie and ice cream. She held the cookie to the side and grunted and gestured for a taste of her Papa’s dessert. He obliged and she joyfully consumed bites of deliciousness.

Leaving the party, cookie still in hand, she nibbled away. But getting into her car seat, she spotted a piece of apple pie we were taking home. That’s when the whining and crying began. Did I mention her cookie was still in her hand?

So naturally, I began to lecture her about gratefulness, greediness and discontentment. If I’d been on my Bible game, I should’ve referenced the Parable of the Workers in Matthew 20. After all, hadn’t I given her the cookie I promised her?

But of course, as I was trying to talk some sense into my two-year old, I heard God laughing. Yes, part of that was probably because I was hoping to reason with a toddler. But the other half was because I knew I was talking to myself.

I am notorious for getting something I think I want and then seeking something different. I may get something good, but I find myself wanting more and more. In short, I can forget to be thankful.

This Thanksgiving, I can’t shake that image of a wailing toddler with cookie in hand, crying over the missed third dessert. And I am reminded to be content and to be grateful.  

Do you find yourself forgetting to be thankful? What reminds you to give thanks?


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