Limón vs Lima: Mystery Solved?

A couple weeks ago, I addressed the very pressing issue of how to distinguish between lemons and limes. One of the contributing factors to Billy’s and my confusion over the issue was his declaration that Spanish uses the same word for both fruits… if, in fact, they are really different at all.

Some folks responded to the post, saying their Spanish-English dictionaries offered lima for lime and limón for lemon. This created somewhat of a stir on my end and led to some more digging.

One commenter, a Bolivian mom living in Spain, seconded what my family was also telling me. They use the word limón for the English lime and limón amarillo (yellow lime) for the lemon. La lima, I was assured, is actually a third fruit.

In fact, my brother-in-law even brought me one.

I wish I’d had the forethought to put something next to it for scale, but basically, it’s bigger than an orange and smaller than a grapefruit and a mixture of both yellow and green.

So there you go. My anecdotal research on citrus fruits continues. And if this lemons vs. limes question was keeping you up at night, you can add this new information to the mix. 

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