Giving Tuesday: Mission Year

Giving Tuesday. Have you heard about this?

Thanksgiving is becoming the holiday that keeps on keeping on. First, Black Friday, which has been popular for years. And although I didn’t appreciate it creeping in so early on Thanksgiving this year, I did enjoy having completed my Black Friday festivities and falling into bed by 2 am day of. 

Small Business Saturday is a very cool idea supporting local retailers. I like it! Then you have Cyber Monday, which basically meant I was archiving my inbox all day long… And now…

Giving Tuesday.

I think this is a pretty swell idea. Of course, I work for a non-profit… so a national day promoting donating towards non-profits should float my boat a little.

For this special Giving Tuesday, Mission Year is offering some exclusive deals, and I want to share them with you. (Let me add my honesty disclosure making sure I’m clear that I do actually work for Mission Year.)

We decided to partner up with some good friends and make you an offer you can’t refuse. For this Giving Tuesday, a donation of $200 goes to support the good work of four… read ‘em FOUR… organizations supporting peace and justice around the globe. These are things I care about.

First, we’ve connected with Word Made Flesh and their work with Sari Bari in India. Sari Bari says, “Our mission is to offer freedom to women who are trapped in the sex trade and to provide opportunity to women who are vulnerable to trafficking. We do this by providing employment in a safe, loving environment, where women are trained as artisans.” What cool work! 

So for Giving Tuesday, we’re giving away $40 gift cards to Sari Bari for the first fifty donations of $200 or more. Along with the gift card, you will receive a handmade ornament from Refugee Beads, which provides jobs and community for refugee women in the Atlanta area. (Mine is already on my tree, and it's pretty much amazing!) You’ll also receive a bag made by Plywood People from upcycled billboards from the street. Again, jobs with dignity are being created for those who need them most.

Finally, you will of course be supporting Mission Year, an organization that I think is pretty swell. We place young adult volunteers in urban neighborhoods across the country to serve and support community organizations, to partner with local churches, and to reach out in their neighborhoods. Our ministry allows us to be partners with so many amazing organizations and to see on-going, long-term change happening in our neighborhoods. 

So that’s my spiel for today. I know it’s a little different from what I normally write on this blog (I mean, I don’t normally suggest you give money). But I feel like this work connects deeply with my love for the marginalized. Many of our partners, including some of these in our Christmas gift pack, are working directly with immigrants, which is near and dear to my heart and, I imagine, yours as well.

You can take advantage of Mission Year’s exclusive Giving Tuesday offer by clicking here. Thanks so much! (And if $200 is too much… I get that… you can pick and choose some of these gifts for smaller amounts as well.)

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