Engagement Rumors & Lies

I’m sure living as an undocumented immigrant in the States was difficult for Billy, but what stressed me out most was lack of information. Well, okay, maybe that’s not what stressed me out most.

But trying to plan a wedding had us asking new questions, which always seemed to lead to unconfirmed rumors… or mis-truths… or people saying things they wished were true.

First of all, we were considering having the festivities in my Kentucky hometown. However, without a valid US Driver’s License, we were concerned Billy would not be allowed to fly. We asked around and reviews were mixed. It’ll be fine. Absolutely not.

We explored train and bus options, but the travel time would’ve caused him to lose his job. We thought about getting legally married before our actual wedding so that we could get a jump on the immigration legalization process. But… that felt a bit drastic.

So we “chose” to have our wedding in Los Angeles. Then we started hearing rumors that a law was being passed in California that would require a social security card in order to issue a marriage license. That was a frustrating hiccup. We briefly considered driving to Las Vegas to get hitched. Wouldn’t that be an awesome addition to this story? Well, I’m sorry. We did not do that. 

It seemed the legal residence requirement for marriage was a false rumor, so we continued forward with our plans.

In the meantime, Billy’s employer hit a snag with cash flow and was no longer paying any of his employees… including Billy. The first missed check was seen as an anomaly. Promises were made and he begged the guys to complete the work. But more deadlines passed and no checks arrived. Soon, Billy had not been paid a whole month’s wages.

Since he was the on-site supervisor, the laborers (who had since quit to find other work) began calling about their lost pay. Literally, as we were walking through the store looking for my dress for our rehearsal dinner, angry wives were repeatedly ringing his cell phone, shouting angrily, accusing Billy of holding back money, and threatening to sue.

No matter how much Billy reminded them he had also not been paid, they were unrelenting. Of course, it was somewhat hard to believe Billy because he was still going into work every day, finishing the job alone in hopes of keeping a good name with the parent company that had hired them as contractors.

When he hung up the phone, though, he turned to me, shuffling through dress racks. “It’s hard and it’s sad,” he told me. “They know as well as I do that none of us will be reporting this to anyone or suing anybody. We’re all undocumented. We’re just going to find new jobs and try to let it go.” Turned out being sued was another false rumor.

It was true, though, that a couple weeks before we were married, Billy found a new job at another company. Since his former jobs had included really no vacation time... if it wasn’t raining they were working… one bonus of the timing was he was able to work a week off for the wedding into his hiring negotiations.

Yay! Wedding Day, here we come!

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  1. Absolutely love your blog! However, I have to admit that I'm a little distracted by the Pauly Shore ad in the picture.

    1. Hahaha. When I was uploading the photo to edit it, they wanted me to "tag" his ghostly face! :) Thanks for reading and for commenting, Ginny!


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