5 Years

Since you’ve been walking with us through our dating and marriage history, it seems only appropriate to celebrate our anniversary with you. I realize I’m letting the cat out of the bag, but at the end of the “How I Met My Husband” series, we do get married. And tomorrow it will have been five years!

I decided to mark this special occasion by replacing the eyeliner I realized I purchased for our wedding and am still wearing… it seemed like it was time. We also were able to take a trip to DC together for Billy to speak at the National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference. (Say that ten times fast!)

When I reflect on these five years of married life together, I am immensely joyful. I am also reminded of a very specific moment when I was teasing Billy for something he said in English that didn’t make a lot of sense.

“Five years,” he told me. 

“The first five years our marriage will be in English. Then we’ll do five years in Spanish and back and forth.”

Oh dear. How did five years go so quickly? How did I manage not to learn more Spanish in that time?

Well, maybe I can ask for an extension!


  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. Ha! Good luck and Buen Camino! It seems fitting considering both the journey of your marriage and your pending language venture:)

  3. Feliz aniversario!

  4. Haha - thank you, Holly! Y gracias tambien, Dana!

  5. Funny, I missed this one. How's the Spanish going??? ;)
    And I have to say, that photo of you guys is awesome, it seriously looks like one that would be used for various blog posts about marriage as a generic shot (which means it's really good). I love the angle too!

    1. Thanks, Krista! Glad you liked the photo. We had a crazy person for a photographer, but that is definitely one of my favorite shots. :)

      And the Spanish... Well... um... let's see... Let's just say I have a love, gracious husband who didn't hold me to it! Of course, with the kiddO, he's definitely speaking more Spanish around the house, so I will say mine is developing (at the level of a 2 year old)!


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