The Day Everything Changed

 This is officially the 16th post since I started telling the story of how I met my husband, an undocumented, Guatemalan rock star. And things have gotten quite serious. He’s made fun of me, swooned over my sandwich-making abilities, and told me that he loved me. I even flew to Guatemala and met his parents.

He, however, had yet to meet my parents. Without proper papers, he couldn’t fly to Kentucky. And even though we researched bus and train options, they didn’t seem any safer. Not to mention, could we afford the time it would take to ride a bus across the country?

Now they had been hearing about him from me for the six months we’d been dating. He had also chatted with them a couple of times on the phone. And my sister had met him while visiting earlier in the summer. But they had not met him in person themselves.

Still, Billy and I were ready to start moving towards marriage.

So he called my parents. And he told them he wanted to marry me. And he asked for their blessing.

I’m so grateful for how much they love me, trusted me, and supported our relationship. We had not hidden Billy’s immigration status from them, but they always stood by us. They welcomed Billy into our family and gave their blessing having only met him on the phone.

A little while later, Billy took me back to Rodeo Drive for dinner. We attempted to have a romantic meal, but per our custom, we were interrupted… this time by, as I remember it, more than one drunken family reunion happening at tables near us.

So after a very loud and chaotic meal, we walked around Beverly Hills. There was a thick tension in the air. Before long, though, Billy got down on one knee and said some beautiful things I can't remember because I was so nervous/excited. And we were engaged!

It was simple and sweet, and I was so happy to be marrying Billy.

I hadn’t wanted a ring. For a while we had discussed engagement jet skis, which I really did want, but it turns out those are quite expensive, and I wasn’t exactly sure where we’d store them… you know, living in apartments and all.

So we enjoyed our new commitment and quickly started planning a wedding. I mean, you can’t be engaged longer than you dated, right? And we had only dated six months, so we settled on a ten week engagement.

The date was set, the friends and family notified, and then we moved on to the next big thing… finding a lawyer. And not for our detailed pre-nups like you might think… we wanted to deal with all the immigration properly and as soon as possible. 

If you want to catch up on all the posts about how we met, click here. If you want to read more about my husband's immigration experience, begin here. Or if you've been reading, continue on to read about our visit with the lawyer.      

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