Our Immigration Love Story: Guest Posts at G92

I have always been a big fan of Undocumented.tv, an online resource addressing immigration from a Christian perspective. They recently joined with G92, a growing conference movement on college campuses, “equipping the next generation for an effective, Biblical response to immigration.” I attended the first G92 Conference at Cedarville University last year.

It has been so exciting to see young, evangelical college students catching a vision of what it means to “welcome the stranger.” I am hopeful that the Church will be a compassionate voice advocating for immigrants.

This week, G92 is featuring the posts of Billy and me dating and falling in love. Our immigration love story, if you will. I am so touched that they have asked to share our experiences, and I hope this narrative offers a fresh, relatable perspective on immigration for those who read it.

They have created a 5-part series, posting Monday-Friday of this week. You can check them out on their site, beginning here.

For those of you who may have missed a post in the series (or just want to read some again) or any new visitors (welcome!), I thought I’d offer a short re-cap of the pre-engagement posts here today. I will be continuing next week with our post-engagement visit to the lawyer.

How I Met My Husband: Was it love at first sight? I don't know. I don't really remember meeting him.

Tricked Into A Date: If only I'd known Spanish, I could've avoided at least one awkward moment when I "ended up" on a first date with Billy.

The First (Official) Date: Whenever there's a choice between dinner on Rodeo Drive or Salvadorian pupusas in MacArthur Park... you should always go pupusa!

Wait... Did You Just Say You're Illegal? Early in our dating, Billy started dropping some major hints. I had no idea what it all really meant.

What Not To Do On A Date: Just a little bit of foolishness from one of our early dates. It's a bad combo with flip flops mix with swimming pool bathrooms...

With These Papers, I Thee Wed: The reality of how immigration and marriage affect each other is revealed to me. 

How My Husband Came To the States: I love it when people ask Billy why he came to the States. Like, LOVE it… I begin laughing maniacally while Billy looks at me with an expression just short of eye-rolling. 

Fake IDs and Bicycles: Working without Papers: Billy's immigration experience continued.

Free to Wait Tables and Dig Holes: As Billy discovers the workplace opportunities available to immigrants, he learns some important lessons.

Welcome to Coyote Inn: Everyone deals with the trauma of immigrating in their own way.

The Big DTR Talk: Whether I'm awkward or laid-back is still to be determined, but at the end of the day, our relationship is defined.

When You Know It's Love: As they say... the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

I Love You: The Video: We take to the screen to share the big moment of those three little words!

Guatemala: The Top 5 List: I travel to Billy's home country and meet his family for the very first time.

Can I Get Your Digits? A painful request from Billy's employer causes us to consider what our best long-term decisions should be.

The Day Everything Changed: It's been a journey, but we finally get engaged!

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