Highlights Aren’t Just for Hair

I have returned home from a wonderful, travel-filled, family-filled visit to Guatemala. I did not get highlights, although I considered it after going to the salon and getting my hair cut for what translated to $4.

There are lots of great stories and observations to share, but I haven’t had a chance to really start writing them all yet. So… in the meantime, I will share a few highlights here:

Several years ago I had a terrifying nightmare that I was driving in Guatemala. This experience made others laugh but pretty much solidified my decision not to take on the task. I felt like it would require me to use the phrase “wing it” a little more than I am comfortable with from the driver’s seat. 

However, this visit my friend Ashlee accompanied me as I bravely went out to buy tortillas for the family. (That experience didn’t quite go as planned, but that’s not the point...) So I did it. I drove a little bit… and I didn’t hit anybody. Thank goodness I know how to drive stick shift!

It’s with a mystifying cocktail of glee, embarrassment, amusement and shame that I share this photo taken in downtown Guatemala City. It is perhaps a photographic memento of my most tourist moment ever. Definitely needs to be framed. If not for that fact then for the feat that is getting three little ones to look vaguely in the direction of the camera all at the same time… while wearing costume hats.

I don’t know if this is really a highlight, but since I’m sharing photos… this is a family shot taken at the Pampers promotional booth at the Guatemala City Wal-Mart. What was I doing at Wal-Mart in Guatemala? Well, actually this was my second time there this visit because I had to go back to take some photos for some upcoming blog posts.

It seems worth mentioning again… I got a haircut for $4. That was definitely a highlight. Oh, and my husband had his wisdom teeth removed for a steal… So there’s that. I’m not sure that would be his highlight, though. What can I say? I love a bargain.

Lots of good food, family, friends and firecrackers always make for a really good visit. You can’t go wrong with firecrackers… I mean, you can. When I tried them last Christmas I actually almost did hit a person on a bicycle. So I didn’t really get involved this time.

It was a fantastic trip. I am glad to be home and happy that the husband and baby are also returning later this week. I miss them! More posts to come...


  1. Way to go on the driving - I have lived here for almost 4 years and I still hardly drive. I just keep imagining me, a huge line of traffic behind me, and the narrow streets with cars parking on both sides. That image alone is enough to limit my driving.

    I am glad you had a nice trip!

    1. Oh yes. It's nerve wracking to be certain. So many speed bumps!


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