American Girls Can’t Cook

Quite frankly it’s a wonder Billy married me at all, what with all the unfortunate rumors about American girls swirling about him. First, he’d already witnessed that we are unclean and smelly. And now this.

American girls can’t cook.

Clearly, I was an exception… I mean, I’d already made him fall in love with me via sandwich, which was pretty amazing. Although I will admit, sandwiches were about where it stopped for me.

Honestly, up until we had a baby, we ate pizza approximately three nights a week. How’d the baby change that? Well, her arrival, coupled with the aptly timed receipt of a national health survey that shamed me, forced me to consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to our diet.

Even when I was a big pizza cooker, though, I did still make Billy lunch to take to work. I’d love to say that I was motivated by health or homemaking, but characteristically, it mostly comes back to being cheap.

Still, I decided to cook each week for Billy’s lunches. I got really into this concept of freezing meals for the month, so I would prepare casseroles and bake one a week for him to parcel out for lunch each day.

His co-workers were floored.

Here he was… at the construction site each day… pulling out Tupperwares full of baked ziti and broccoli ham casserole, and these guys could not believe it. They kept coming back to the same reference point. “But American girls don’t cook. They just microwave everything.”

That’s the perception. Out of control microwaving. It’s ridiculous.

I will never claim to be an exquisite chef, but I can open a can of cream of mushroom soup! Now, though, we’re actually kind of obsessed with eMeals, an online service that sends us healthy menus and accompanying shopping lists each week.

And when I say ‘obsessed,’ I am barely exaggerating. We congratulate ourselves for joining it approximately weekly. It’s how we’ve discovered our newfound love for okra and quinoa and confirmed we don't really like eggplant and blackberries. It’s pretty much rocked our world.

So I’m putting it out on the internet just to set the record straight… some American girls can totally cook… It may not be me exactly… but I’m giving it a shot.

What’s your favorite dish to cook?


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Miranda is an excellent cook...so is Eva.

    1. You got some good, American women there! :)


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