The Opposite of a Napkin

During dinner at a restaurant, my daughter was gobbling down a cup full of yogurt. Not your typical fast food fare, but since she seems to be a self-created vegetarian, it would have to do. 

Though she was desperate to free herself from the booth, I wrestled a napkin onto her hands and mouth and began to… smear yogurt all over her. It took me a while to notice given the fact that so much squirming was involved, but napkins were not absorbing yogurt, simply moving it back and forth. Yuck!

We were both covered in yogurt before it was all said and done.

And suddenly, in my mind, I was back living in Argentina. The Italian influence in Argentina manifests itself in a beautiful bounty of pizza and pasta. However, I’m not really sure where the idea for their napkins was born.

Yes, our experience in Argentina had us laughing a ridiculous amount trying to clean mouths, wipe up spills, or clean a baby’s hands with what can only be described as wax paper. It’s a comical endeavor to be sure.

It did amuse me that I never saw an Argentine frustrated with their available paper products. However, napkins were not an uncommon conversation topic among the Americans we knew.

What everyday differences have surprised, confused or frustrated you when you’ve traveled? We’ve got a couple more (you know, like ordering a Coke "to go"), so I’m sure you have some, too!

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  1. Love that baby girl, yogurt covered and all!


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