A Toddler's Vacation

Ah... vacationing with a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, I love standing in the surf and pointing at birds as much as the next person. But when the opportunity arose to let my daughter spend a week with her grandparents, I couldn’t pass it up.  

With no work and no baby, it was time to dust off my dancing shoes. So how did this wild woman celebrate her freedom?

Partying All Night Long

Well... sort of. The very first night, I stayed up until one in the morning. It was similar to partying all night... you know, hanging out on Pinterest in my living room at midnight. Sadly, I still woke up at 6:35am. Stupid, internal alarm!

Scrubbing and Washing

Monday morning I cleaned my oven for the very first time. I had heard the task was too hot to do with kids around. But I’d also heard the smoke would set off the alarm, so nap time was out. No time like vacation! Yep. And one day I did seven consecutive loads of laundry. It was Laundry Palooza up in here. Glorious.

Uninterrupted Hour of Pure Bliss


The highlight of my vacation was visiting the motherland… I mean, the bookstore. I read through every, single title in the travel essay section. This activity quickly led me to the realization that there are about twenty too many books in the genre with the theme “I quit my boring cubicle job and went to find myself by drinking heavily and being promiscuous around the world.” Where are the “I tried to pack light, but I knew I’d need a car seat, a pack-n-play, a stroller, and a Bumpo” stories? I think I may start writing travel books.

Silent Pauses

I went a whole week without uttering any of the following: Please get your feet off the table while we’re eating. Please take the potty back to the bathroom. Please put your shirt back down. Stop drinking bath water. Stop playing with the dog bowl. We don't eat crayons. 

Pointing at Birds

Well, okay. I didn’t literally point at birds. But by the end of the week, Billy and I were openly gazing at children in public places. (I do not recommend this practice.) We even huddled together over a laptop to watch an inappropriately long video of her moving bobby pins from one cup to another.

We missed that little one. While vacation was fun, it’s nice to have that girl back home!

What would you do with a week with nothing scheduled?


  1. I'm really enjoying catching up on your posts, Sarah! You definitely have a gift for writing. I crack up so much because, although our time without the kids has been for somewhat different reasons, there are stil a lot of similarities in the experiences. Definitely LOVE the uninterupted time... nothing like being able to lazily gorge oneself on pinterest and pretty pictures on the internet for hours if you want. Every now and then. But yeah, I've found myself watching videos of my kids that no one but a parent could love. over and over again. Yeesh, time to get those kiddos back!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! Yes, those videos that only a parent could love are plentiful. :) I bet your kids are having a blast, but I'm sure you will be glad to have them home!


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