Tricked Into A Date

This is the follow up to How I Met My Husband. If you didn't read Part I, you'll definitely want to start at the beginning.

So here I stand. Five minutes into my first memory of meeting Billy… and it’s awkward.

I think I responded with, “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t remember your name.” But I was so embarrassed that I didn’t pay attention when he told me again. This distraction would come back to me later.

After church, everyone gathered for the birthday celebration and Billy had joined the party. He was laughing and talking with the husband of my friend. I signaled over to Billy and asked her, “What’s the name of your husband’s friend?”

“Billy,” she told me. Pause. “Why are you asking?” And so it began…. 

I explained my story, but she wasn’t buying it.

That afternoon, several ladies had planned a movie outing and my girlfriend was included. Her husband joined and wanted to bring Billy. Since I stayed late to help clean up, they waited to give me a ride.

At the movie theater, we waited in line to buy tickets and I chatted with my girlfriend. I would later learn that the boys’ conversation in Spanish included her husband encouraging Billy to buy my ticket. Billy claims he protested, saying it would be awkward. 

He was right. 

It was.

I felt even more thrown when we entered the theater and realized our group had saved us only three seats instead of four. So there we were… the four of us… sitting in a theater together… watching a chick flick.

And suddenly I realized I’d been tricked into a double date.

Now I won’t say that I didn’t flirt with Billy during the movie or have several thoughts about wanting to hold his hand. But that admission would tarnish my innocent, naïve image in this story, so I’m going to breeze right past it. 

After the movie, the other girls left, while my double date party (and my ride) decided to meet friends and hang out. And now we are six… two married couples, Billy, and me. And in a totally unfair power play, we are also headed to a bookstore. The road to my heart passes through a Barnes & Noble.

The married couples talk about married people things while Billy and I chat. I was considering an upcoming trip to Guatemala to learn Spanish and was reading a book about the country’s history. We covered jobs, family, you know… the basics. He was so polite, interesting, and conversational. The unexpected turn of events was becoming surprising after all.

Later, as the three dropped me off at my house, Billy got out, walked me to the door, and gave me a hug. I held back a barely contained, “What is happening?!” when he sweetly asked for my phone number. I really felt like there’s nothing you can say in the moment but “ok,” so he programmed it in his phone.

“I should get yours, too,” I responded.

I would later learn that this answer was interpreted as “I am highly interested. Please give me your phone number so I can talk to you more.” I still maintain that my actual mental process included, “I’m going to need a head’s up if you actually do call me, so let me put you in my Caller ID.” 

Billy argues that we are now married, so I have no case. Point for him.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Yes, what happened next?????

  2. YES!!!!! I'm so hooked!

  3. Stacie Paz2:17 PM

    No no no... That's not how it went at all lol ;)

  4. Haha! Ah, Stacie. This is the beauty of telling everything as I remember it. :) We give you all some credit for your matchmaking ways!

    Thanks, Holly!

  5. Funny! So how did you end up learning Spanish? And where is he from?

  6. Hey Krista! Thanks for stopping by. Billy is from Guatemala, and I did actually end up spending a month there working on my Spanish.

    Truth be told, I still haven't learned nearly enough, although it is getting better, especially since he speaks it to our daughter all the time now. I at least know phrases like "where are you shoes?" and "do you want milk?" Hopefully as her vocabulary increases, so will mine! :)


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