Prayers of the Transient: Part III

This is the final post in my Prayers of the Transient series. It’s refreshing to return to this list - originally scribbled in the quiet desperation of new location loneliness - and be reminded of the areas in my life that, when nurtured, provide me so much life. It’s good to evaluate my current life space and to acknowledge where I may be missing key pieces and to continue to pray these prayers.


In fact, this desire has been on my heart for years. I think the Church has neglected the art and practice of mentoring and discipleship. But it is so important. Some of my deepest transformations have been facilitated through the coaching and guidance of a faithful leader. Still, I have so much to learn and my heart prayer for mentorship continues.


The reality is that I like a little drama… ok, maybe more than a little. If I become this ideal person in my dreams… the one who eats healthy, exercises regularly, works diligently, writes daily, and attends Bible study… I’ll go insane. I need spice. I need adventure.

Like creativity, it took me many years to realize how much these deviations from the norm mean to me. I often like to refer to myself as a collector of experiences. I will join a community garden… and get kicked out. I will live in Guatemala and confirm my husband’s stereotype that American girls are smelly. And I will chase after him in Wal-Mart at 1 am shouting “AVOCADO” - our shopping code word.

If adventures don’t find me, I must plan them… an all-girls rafting trip, paddleboarding at the beach, or even a day at the creek. The expectation and promise of a good story makes it more fun to get out of bed in the mornings!


I will close with this final piece of the prayer puzzle. New seasons of life need me to ask God where I should be serving. Without this component, my life inevitably becomes painfully self-centered. I often quote my mother, who wisely told me as a teenager, “If you are thinking too much about yourself, go out and do something for someone else.”

Some of my greatest challenges and most joyful triumphs have come while serving. Whether it’s handing out chickens to homeless people or planning neighborhood Halloween carnivals, it’s important to find a place to serve in each season of my transient journey.

So there you have it! 9 Prayers for those of us who wander, but are not lost. Every now and again, we just need a few tips and reminders to seek out life-giving elements: meaningful work, physical activity, mental stimulation, creativity, friends with jokes, personal and communal spirituality, mentorship, adventure, and service.

I hope my list has encouraged you and given you new energy to pray for potentially neglected areas of your life. I’d love to hear what you would add to your own list. What activities are important for you as you seek fullness?

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