Prayers for the Transient: Part II

In 7 Prayers of the Transient: Part I, I recalled some of the areas of my life that I try to evaluate when I’ve relocated or simply find myself feeling unsettled in the balance of my current life.

Bizarrely, when I revisited the list today to complete the post, I realized I have six left. Hmmm…. I wrote on three last time… and that does not equal seven. Well, clearly, math is not something I feel is necessary in a post-college life!

So I’m making an executive decision to change the title to simply “Prayers of the Transient,” and I’ll cover three more today. Think of it as 7 Prayers + 2 Bonuses!


I took me a while to realize that my soul dries up a little bit when I do not create space to live creatively. Mediums have varied over the years, but I realize I need something that allows me freedom to breathe refreshing creativity.

Dancing used to be big for me, and my first year out of college, I found a Christian dance studio that offered hip hop classes for adults. Yep. I signed up. I loved it. Dancing brings me such joy, but don’t tell my Alma Mater… they might revoke my degree!

These days I’m more likely to groove inside my house playing Dance Dance Revolution alone, but I still get the thrill of loud music and dancing. I also have found a creative outlet writing and recording songs with Billy, which we have spent a lot of time doing over the years. I’ve been through painting phases, and Pinterest has helped me get back into the handicraft/DIY/art project world.

It’s so easy for me to put these activities on the back burner… especially as I am a working mom. However, I have realized that I tap into a secret vault of fullness in my soul when I incorporate creativity regularly.  Thus… this blog. 

Friends with Jokes

I was spoiled in high school. I hung out with some really hilarious people. On a nearly daily basis, I spent most of the lunch period laughing to the point that the lunch itself ended up a rushed, secondary activity five minutes before we had to be back in class.

Those memories remind me how important laughter is in my current relationships.

Especially living in the context of urban ministry and social justice, life can be serious. But I have recognized that multiple days without raucous laughter causes me to become a quieter, less authentic version of myself. I read a really great article on this topic at BorderLinks, an educational organization at the US-Mexico border. 

I am grateful for those funny, witty, ridiculous people in my life. And when I enter a new place or find myself feeling out of place, I pray for them and seek them out.

Personal and Community Spirituality

I didn’t write this list in a hierarchical order… so don’t feel concerned that DDR is more important to me than reading the Bible. But I will say I experience God in both… albeit differently.

Still, when life feels out of balance, I often realize that I have… generally by accident… deprioritized my relationship with Christ. Time alone with God has fallen by the wayside and breathless prayers as I run from one activity to the other is the extent of our communication.

I also know spirituality is lacking if lived out only alone. Moving to a new location requires me to search for a church and some sort of small group (or however they are called these days… Jon Acuff wrote a funny post on small groups). But I need accountability, corporate prayer and worship, and the support of living life with others.

There you have it. Prayers four through six. I will finish this series in the next couple of weeks with the final three (this time I’m sure of it!) topics in our Prayers for the Transient.

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