Guest Post at Undocumented.tv

Undocumented.tv is one of my favorite websites, addressing immigration from a uniquely evangelical perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this story of our visit to the US/Mexico border in a guest post today. It is an adapted version of this post I wrote a couple years ago.

When I opened the nondescript, government envelope containing my husband Billy’s green card, I felt a deep mixture of exhausted relief and wild celebration.

No more hyper worrying about getting pulled over. No more awkward conversations with acquaintances who ask too many questions. No more silent, but ever-present thoughts of “What if he gets deported? What will our life in Guatemala be like?”

Nope. After a fifteen minute interview, stacks of papers, and thousands of dollars, the US Government had decided our love was true and not, in fact, an immigration scam. They sent the wedding present of a lifetime in the form a plastic card of freedom. Read more over at Undocumented.tv.

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