How Pinterest Saved My Marriage

Well, I’m exaggerating, of course, but I imagine you now are at least a bit curious…

First of all… Pinterest. Wow. I actually did not think I would enjoy it that much. I delayed even going to the site. Then, of all ridiculous things, you have to request an invitation. My supposition about this was that they wanted you to feel insecure and sub-par even before you get on to see all the amazing meals and stunning crafts friends and strangers are creating in their free time.

But I was assured it was worth the wait and shenanigans, and now that I’m a believer, I couldn’t agree more. It is by far my favorite way to enjoy the Internet these days. And since I work online most of the day, that’s saying something. I try not even open my computer when I’m at home.

So… what was up with my marriage, you ask? Well, for our wedding nearly five years ago, several of our Guatemalan relatives gave us absolutely beautiful fabric place mats and napkins. The patterns and colors are brilliant, and Billy and I both enjoyed them. Then, in all my American-ness, I joyfully tossed them in the washing machine to launder. As you may already imagine, much of the weaving came unraveled in this process, effectively ruining one of the sets.

Still, three sets remained with still gorgeous patterns, but one thing had changed: me. I was now more hesitant to use them because hand washing is something I rarely remember to do. Billy liked them so much he would pull them out any time we hosted guests and decided to have place settings. A small tension was growing.

You may be waiting to hear my nifty Pinterest trick for how to safely clean fabrics, but… and this may come as a shock to you… I rarely search for cleaning tips online (or anywhere for that matter). Nope. What I discovered on Pinterest was the shockingly simple idea to frame fabrics.

And there it was. The idea that pleased both me and Billy and gave us a fun way to display our woven gifts as art. So we did it and created a nice, if I do say so myself, display of Guatemalan fabrics and art. Very swell. Thank you, Pinterest!

Have you given in to the Pinterest-mania? What’s your favorite trick you’ve learned there? Do you have other ideas for fabrics collected internationally?

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