"Scientific" Experimenting with Bilingualism

The shirt says it all!
It seems I may have lost in the war of words. How do I know?

Well, the other day I conducted a highly scientific experiment. 

When I needed her hand to walk through the park, I found myself struggling to speak English, which makes no sense because... well, I only speak English. So I began "Dame tu"... rediscovered my brain and ended with a flair.... "hand." Yep. Spanglish at its finest. I was amused when she raised her hand to hold mine. 

So I did what any weirdo with a penchant for social research would do. I let go of her hand. "Gabriella, give me your hand." No response from the little one. Final try... "Dame tu mano." Bingo! Hand in mine. 

Yes, it seems that “dame tu hand” is more clear to her than “give me your hand.”

While I announce this fact with mock disappointment, I am actually really excited to see her being so comfortable in Spanish. I think I assumed she would know it well, but only as a second language. You know… she’d be able to carry on conversations in a bind and would occasionally shout out the Spanish name of something.  ¡Sacapunta!

What I am recognizing, though, is that Spanish will not just be a fun second language, but it is her first language along with English. For right now at least, she seems equally comfortable with both… if not favoring Spanish a little. What amazing brains little ones have!

I imagine I’ve recommended this before, but Spanglish Baby is a phenomenal resource for parents raising bilingual English/Spanish kids. And apparently, my child has taken the "Spanglish Baby" title a little too far. I am excited to see where this journey leads us, and I am eager to hear stories of others who have gone before us.

P.S. Did you know what sacapunta means or did you look it up? Tell the truth...


  1. Pencil sharpener? My favorite Spanish word is for "Pork Rinds"

    I was just looking at your blog YESTERDAY to see if there was anything new!

  2. I like it mucho, me gusta mucho spanglish =)


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