Honey Love with Sugar On Top

Honey. Sugar. Muffin. Pumpkin. Sweetie. Cutie Pie. Notice a theme?  We Americans have a sweet tooth when it comes to addressing our loved ones.

Some of these nicknames … or other food-related expressions… are used in other cultures.  I was so humored and mystified when my French teacher taught us that mon petit chou chou was a term of endearment loosely translated “my little cabbage leaf.” 

When I began to translate Billy’s endearing terms for me, I noticed something different.  Mi amorsote (explained to me as “my great love”), mi cielo (my sky), and mi vida (my life) all seemed to really kick affection up a notch. 

It’s probably this very penchant for drama and exaggeration that drew me to Latino culture in the first place.  Not to mention, how can you walk away from someone who refers to you as his sky? 

I shared my observation with Billy, and we laughed together.  Then, in our typical style, we took it one step further.  So we routinely address each other as mi mundo and mi respira.  My world and my breath.  How’s that for true love?

I’m dying to know other frequently used (or unique-to-you) terms of endearment from the subtle to the uber-dramatic.  What’s yours?


  1. Jacob calls me Pickles and I call him Turtle.

  2. Nice. I like those! :)

  3. Andres Villatoro3:01 PM

    my parents call each other "gordo" and "gorda." or even "gordito" a lot. as you may know, this technically translates into "little fat one"? which i am now realizing how hilarious it is but the terms are so familiar to me. its funny because although my dad has what i refer to as his family belly. my mom is pretty fit and works out regularly but the term sticks.lol.

    1. Ah, Andres - that. is. awesome! So sweet how folks express their love. And I'm grateful to Taco Bell for teaching me the word 'gordita!' ;)


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