For My Daughter On Her Birthday

I’ve started and restarted this post several times, so sure I knew what I wanted to write, but utterly unable to craft it on paper.  My daughter is one year old today.

I am so joyous and delighted in her little life and personality.  I am utterly exhausted and thrilled to have survived the longest year of my life.  I am deeply honored to be her mother.

For some unknown reason, my reflections on this auspicious day spilled out in poem-ish form:

My dearest Gabriella:

You have opinions and ideas and a fierce independence.
You are a strong girl, and I love that about you.

You laugh when the dog gets in the bathtub and you smile all the time.
You have a spunky sense of humor, and I love that about you.

You are exuberant and wild with enthusiasm, kicking your legs in excitement.
You learned to dance before you learned to walk, and I love that about you.

You have insatiable curiosity and intense concentration when examining something new.
You explore every facet of the world, and I love that about you.

You wave to strangers and don’t miss a beat of what’s happening around you.
You always make people smile, and I love that about you.

You suffered with me… through my short temper… my craziness… and my inexplicable crying. 
I survived with you… through your short temper… craziness… and inexplicable crying.

We laughed a lot, danced dances and sang songs, and we traveled together across the globe.
It’s been a hard year… a good year.
Happy Birthday, my little one.  
Happy Birthday, Ella!

Listen, stay alert, stand tall in the faith, be courageous, and be strong. Let love prevail in your life, words, and actions. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (The Voice)


  1. Darn you-making me cry. You shouldn't take advantage of a pregnant woman like that! ;) Love you.

  2. God, has it really been one year? It has positively snuck up on us. So beautiful Sarah, thank you for sharing.

  3. So kind, Mary. We look forward to celebrating Baby B's first birthday around this time next year! And thanks for writing, Rachel. We have shared this year together!

  4. So it turns out I wasn't crying at that post because I was pregnant (or maybe that's why I was crying.) But a year(ish) later, I re-read it and still have tears streaming down my face (and I'm definitely not pregnant this time.)

    Glad to have reached this milestone as well! :)


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