Advent: Waiting Patiently

This toy is neat.  Hmmm… I think I’m a bit thirsty.  Yes, that’s it.  Hello? Mom?  I’m a little thirsty.  Yes, my throat is dry… it’s actually becoming parched.  

Mom.  Please intervene quickly.  My mouth is dry as a desert in July.  Bring milk.  Bring it quickly please.  I think I’m in the early stages of dehydration.  Yes, my skin has lost all elasticity.  I am so thirsty!  

Bring milk!  MOM!  DO YOU HEAR ME?  Maybe if I start banging stuff.  Thrashing around?   

MOM!! MILK!  MILK! MILK! I CANNOT LIVE ANOTHER MOMENT!... [choke. gasp.] End Scene.

When I started praying and asking where to focus this Advent, waiting patiently kept coming to mind.  But I have nothing to say about patience because I possess absolutely none.  My daughter did not come by her stellar theatrics accidentally.  That gift was from me.

But watching her escalate from content to desperate in five seconds flat has also made me wonder what God must see when He looks at me.  It also causes me to reflect on what He might desire of me when it comes to waiting patiently.


For crying out loud… would you please stop crying out loud? I am preparing milk as fast as I can scoop and level! Sometimes I want to explain to my daughter that I am in the process of meeting all her needs beyond her wildest dreams, but the whole experience would be a lot more enjoyable if she could just chill out and stop screaming for a moment. 

When I feel desperate for an answer from God, I make a lot of noise.  I pray passionately, begging God for a response.  I talk with my peeps, weighing every angle and detailing every possible action and reaction.  Maybe I should stop talking, see that God is working, and wait patiently for His results. 


Even if my daughter were silent… the arching back, the supersonic flapping arms, the flailing that usually ends with banging her head on something… these motions still convey all her anxiety, her panic, her desperation. 

My wringing hands, my tears, my obsessive hair twirling probably don’t align with Scripture that says to be still and know that I am God.  My body betrays my inability to wait patiently hanging onto trust that God will arrive in my situation.

Awaiting the arrival of Christ this Christmas season, I desire to wait patiently.  I am seeking ways to incorporate stillness and silence even though I am sometimes feeling desperate for Him to show up, to hear me, and to respond. 

How do you wait patiently on God?  How do you make space for still silence in the pace of your life?

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