2012: The Practice Run

Today I decided to try out a New Year’s Resolution.  I’d hate to give it a go tomorrow for the very first time only to fail so early in a fresh year. No, I decided I’d rather add it to my tally for 2011.  So today…

I went for a jog.

Now, typically I have a very firm “no jogging” policy. It’s been in place as long as I can remember. I don’t run unless I’m being chased by a pack of wild dogs or the police.  Just common sense, if you ask me.

This strategy was not common sense for my high school basketball coach, who met with me in his office at the beginning of each season to discuss “where I was at.”  What follows? A lot of questions about my off-season training, shoe shuffling and stuttering from me, a few statements that were supposed to inspire or scare me, several direct comments that I was pitifully out of shape, and me skipping happily away.  (I do not have rules about skipping.) 

Nevertheless, I played hard because I love basketball and I do also run when I’m trying to beat tiny, blonde girls from Lexington. After playing entire games back-to-back nights, my coach said kind things about me in the paper like “that was all heart.” I think he was trying to nicely say “she didn’t train at all.” I say it was less about heart and more about my steady diet of Hot Tamales, but whatever.

This fall, though, I had a devastating experience. I signed Billy and myself up for a 5K Scavenger Hunt. Purely focused on the scavenger hunt and not at all on the 5K part, I trained not at all.  When “go” was shouted, I took off running. 

I learned two things: I am no longer 17.  And that my heart has aged accordingly… along with my lungs and legs.

So I walked most of the 5K with my dear husband, who politely strolled with me, though I know he was secretly thinking, “I can’t believe we have to stay with our partner”… in more ways than one.  That day I made a decision: I will not sign up for another 5K. 

But today, I got the urge to be a bit more in shape and the dog needed to exercise and I’m not a member of a gym… so you can see where this is going.  I pulled out my jogging shoes I purchased about seven years ago and have walked in nearly every day since.

All in all, the experience was fine. I was almost hit by a texting bicyclist, but besides that… uneventful. I mean, I couldn’t breath, but I think that’s par for the course.

Will this be a New Year’s Resolution?

Let’s not get carried away. I think I’d rather try this at a less pressure-packed time than January. But it was fun-ish, so we’ll see…

What are your resolutions? Do you also hate running? There's gotta be at least one....

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  1. don't worry, i hate running, sarah. but i now have access to a treadmill, so we'll see if my jogging shoes come out of hiding, too!


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