Thanksgiving Lessons

The day before Thanksgiving I threw caution to the wind and braved the grocery store. 
After witnessing several moms navigating the narrow, crowded aisles with carts led by a massive, plastic car for two children to drive (have you seen these?!), I made an important decision.

When Ella asks to ride in one of these monstrosities, I will use a proven strategy my parents perfected when my sister and I asked to go to Disneyworld.  I will tell her she’s too little.  I will repeat this mantra until it becomes appropriate to switch it up and tell her it’s for little kids and that she’s too big.  That’s my plan… we’ll see how it all works out…

This was one of my Thanksgiving lessons, but the season has of course, also encouraged me to reflect on what I am grateful for this year.

This year has been a tough one… the adjustment to parenthood, four months outside the country, and several areas in life where I have experienced “unsuccess” (“failure” felt a little too dramatic).  My expectations have been shifting to the point of obliteration. 

I find myself glad to be nearing the end of 2011, yet not sure exactly what to expect for the future.  Still, I know that God calls us to give thanks regardless of our circumstances, and as I appreciate this year, I am grateful for how God has revealed His deep faithfulness.  I have felt connected to God in new ways and through these difficult seasons have experienced renewed positivity and joy, fresh ideas, and greater confidence and purpose in following God.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.  Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His son.  And now let the weak say I am strong.  Let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us.  Give thanks.

What are you giving thanks for today?

Photo credit: Dave Di Biase


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