Forbidden Fruits: 4 Toys You’ve Gotta Taste

Star-shaped teethers.  A yellow, plastic hammer.  Soft, stacking blocks with brightly colored illustrations.  A spunky caterpillar with multi-textured sections.  Forget it.  Your child (read: my child) doesn’t want to play with these things. 

That’s why I’ve created “Forbidden Fruits,” a new toy line for the crawler in your life.  Using a focus group of one, I have watched and learned what a child really wants to tinker with during playtime.

Bland Square with Cord Extension
I often wondered how my nine-month old could survive on a one hour nap during a full day.  Recently, I discovered her secret when I found her amping up for the day sucking on the end of a phone charger.  This experience inspired my “Bland Square with Cord Extension” product.  While you might think bright colors and squeakers are the way to go for babies, you’ve simply drunk the Fisher Price kool-aid.  Your little crawler will seek out this cord-based toy with its dark coloring and lack of noises or moving shapes over and over again.  It’s classic.

The Silver Bowl

You may not want her to grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, but what about a silver bowl in her hand?  The best teachers in life come alongside us, and from her angle, Fido is the only other one on all fours.  So if the dog loves the bowl, it must be worth looking into... and maybe touching… and eventually, I imagine, licking.  

From the moment her knees hit the ground in the morning, you’ll find her pounding towards The Silver Bowl, eager to run her hands along the authentic, dried drool.  For a fun game, race her to it for the parental classic “swoop in and snatch.”  This challenge increases baby brain function as enthusiasm builds and her memory development will bring her crawling furiously back tomorrow. 
My First Slow Cooker Cookbook

Board books are for babies.  Introduce your tot to a collection of recipes bound with plastic.  Originally for adults, these former wedding presents now make the perfect baby shower gift.  Paper pages allow for crinkling or tearing, which, let’s face it, never gets old.  And with enough commitment and fine motor skill dexterity, the plastic binding spine can be disassembled to create small curls.  (They fit easily between your lips for transport while crawling.)

Gear Girl Gift Kit  

Sometimes a kid likes to get her hands dirty.  And what better way to do that than to work on bikes?  It’s rare to find a bike mechanic who takes the time to touch and feel each gear anymore… you know, really work the grease between her fingers.  And when’s the last time one bothered to get on hands and knees and really get an eye in there?  This kit will help your baby learn how to do all that and more.  Safety tips are included to prevent pulling up on a bike… which will most likely lead to disaster.

Forbidden Fruits… there’s something about “no” that makes you wanna say “yes”

If you’re a parent or have ever babysat, you’ve got products that should join our line.  C’mon now… what are they? 


  1. Vert true. Baby A loves ripping open tea bags and playing with anything other than toys. Can't forget the dishwasher. I expect the door to that thing to last for maybe another year before its broken off.

  2. This made me laugh out loud. So far our kiddO hasn't figured out the dishwasher... just admiring her reflection on the door. But she does get excited when it's open - thanks for the heads up on what's to come!


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