Baby Bottles and Conference Calls

Tuesday I stayed home with my daughter all day.  We walked to the bank and the coffee shop.  We watched Gilmore Girls.  I chased her around the room while she squealed with glee.  We ate shredded cheese and danced to the Black Eyed Peas.  It was a GOOD day.  And I loved it.

Yesterday I went to work.  I crossed items off my to-do list and embarked on Day 1 of the Catalyst Conference.  I engaged in good, funny conversations with my boss.  I met amazing and creative Christian leaders.  I learned about organizations and the inspiring work being done across the country and the globe.  It was a GOOD day.  And I loved it.

I suppose I am what they call a “working mom.”  And sometimes I feel tension in holding dual roles. 

I worry that I’ll miss my daughter’s life, that she'll barely recognize me two weeks from now.  Or I fear that I will not be able to fully focus and create at my job.  But I also can’t imagine life any other way because I enjoy the fullness of each role so much. 

So I continue pursuing both, hoping that my family life will enhance my work as I find myself laughing more and playing more and becoming less likely to engage in unimportant drama or tangents.  And I hope my family will enjoy the coworkers and friends my work brings into our lives and that the joy I gain from diving into projects will spill into my home. 

So, for today, I’m spoon-feeding yogurt in the morning, texting the babysitter during a workshop, and coming home late after a day of introductions and conversations.  And, for today, I feel quite content. 

How do you balance work and ministry and family?  What are your fears?  What do you feel your work life adds to your family life and vice versa? 

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