How to Fall Down the Steps with a Baby

My mother has been preparing for this nightmare from the day she found out I was pregnant. 

I live in a two-story house with a reasonably steep staircase, so naturally, my mother’s first pre-birth concern was, “What if I fall down the steps holding the baby?” 

But she wasn’t really asking because she already had a plan.  “At first,” she told me, “I was thinking I could use a small box, tie a string to it, and use that to pull her up and down the stairs.”  Ummmm… no?

“But now,” she continued, “I see myself with the baby on my back.  I am wrapped in large fabrics.  And I am sitting down and scooting down the stairs.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.  And I couldn’t stop telling everyone I know.

And then… 9 months into Miss Ella’s life… I fell down the stairs while holding her.  It was probably about four steps… an unfortunate perfect storm of carpeted stairs, bare feet, and too-long jeans that got tangled in the mess.

It’s one of those slow motion moments where you find yourself thinking, “Wow… I am actually falling down the stairs.”  Thankfully, I gripped my daughter tightly and she characteristically found the whole death-defying, adrenaline pumping adventure something worthy of sheer glee.

What did I take away from this experience?  ALWAYS listen to your mother.  I will no doubt repeat this story to my child over and over so that she can learn this crucial lesson herself.

What advice has your mother given that you wish you’d heeded?  What nuggets of wisdom has she passed on that you still refer to? 

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