Home Is Where the Global Heart Is

Sometimes culture hopping leaves you feeling like you have no true home.

I am not Latina.  I don’t speak Spanish well.  And I am not “at home” in Guatemala.

But I am also no longer fully at home in an American context.  I experience the world differently.  My perspective is changed.

But sometimes… maybe more than I care to admit… I miss fitting in. 

And then you have those moments.  Usually, it’s a connection with someone else who doesn’t quite know which culture fits best… a second generation immigrant… a missionary kid… another cross-cultural couple.  

Rarely is it in church. 

But recently… at church… I had one of those moments.   

The worship team led a song written by Julio Melgar, a friend of my husband’s and an incredible Spanish worship leader.  They had translated it into English.  I love the song in Spanish, but I felt so touched to be able to sing it in my first language… in my predominately black church… with a Spanish chorus for good measure.

It was this unexpected culture clash that allowed God to whisper to me… “You are at home in my house.”


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I can relate to this article so much. You couldn't have titled it better. Oh my word and I had the privilege of meeting Julio Melgar years ago in Florida. He came to our church and gave our praise team some basic voice lessons. He is incredible! Small world huh? Thank you so much for this article Sarah! ~Damaris

  2. It IS a small world, Damaris - that is so cool. I love hearing from you, and I'm glad we share this similar sentiment. You were one of the first people who introduced me to subtitles... yay for Rush Hour!


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