Why "A Life with Subtitles"?

When my husband and I were dating, he gazed lovingly into my eyes and told me that he just felt everything was “falling into pieces.”  Hmmm..  Do you mean falling into place?  Because your tone and words…not matching.   Ah, life in the second language. 

The reality is that our life is in pieces all over the world.  Sweet friends and family in Los Angeles, where Billy and I met and married.  Family across the southeast United States, as well as Guatemala.  And after several months spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we recently returned to our home of two years, Atlanta, Georgia.

We are constantly jumping cultures, and we love it, and it’s fun, and it’s hard, and sometimes it’s hilarious.

Cross-cultural family, life, and ministry.  Guatemalan dad.  US mom.  Guatemalan American daughter.  Living in an African American neighborhood in Atlanta.  It’s real.  It’s messy.

And I imagine we are not alone.  Others have navigated the tricky immigration system as they have applied for an alien relative, like I did for my husband.  Others have feared deportation and be exploited along the way.  Others have tried to raise bicultural, bilingual kids.  Other couples have tried to do ministry together while trading the Bible and the baby back and forth.  And others have tried to figure out how to serve, live generously, and celebrate the story of Christ in all the environments where they find themselves.

So I am sharing our story in hopes that it encourages you in yours.  And I’d love to hear yours, too! 

I started watching movies with subtitles when I was in college.  Most of my friends spoke English as a second language, so they preferred it.  But now I usually choose this method of movie-watching regardless.  I find it more enjoyable, and you don’t realize how much you miss when you’re watching movies like everybody else. 

Stories are richer with subtitles. 

Can you relate? 

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