Is that a dog in your purse and a baby in your backpack?

No.  I am not Paris Hilton… for so many reasons… but definitely my 40 pound golden retriever would not fit in my biggest of purses, and I’m already carrying enough as it is.  I’ve got a baby.
In all our married life, I’m not sure Billy and I ever made a plan to see a movie.  No, we’d mention it might be nice to go to the theater, check the times online, realize one’s starting in 12 minutes, and immediately evacuate the house with me shouting, “If we’re going to go on a date, I would’ve liked to change out of this hoodie!” 

Once pregnant, we imagined our life post-baby, and hoped the little one would slide right into our lifestyle, even though the movies would probably be ‘out’ for a little while.  We often talked easily about how we planned to strap her in a backpack and keep on moving. 

Backpack Baby, we called her. 

And unfortunately, maybe we did sometimes imagine her as an accessory like Miss Hilton’s pup.  For those of you who’ve had a kid for more than ten minutes, you know how wrong we were, and we’re slowly learning how to reach a happy compromise of on-the-go spontaneity and the get-ready-for-bed-at-7 routine.

But as Ella has crossed her seven month mark, I also recognize that she’s spent a lot of time traveling, in and out of backpacks.  If I math it up correctly, she’s been on 8  flights (including two 10-hour international red-eyes); ridden in our car, friends’ cars, rental cars and taxis; and traveled on trains, subways, buses, boats, a raft, and a golf cart.  I'm not even joking when I say she's ridden on the back of a bicycle and been pushed in a stroller by her dad on roller blades.   

No wonder the girl doesn’t like to sit still!

What are we missing?  Gondola?  Covered wagon?  What crazy trips have you taken with your infant?  What compromises in your lifestyle have you found you’ve had to make for a baby?

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  1. Argh... the 7PM bedtime is totally cramping our style too! It's kind of a love/hate thing because we LOVE having the evening to ourselves after the kids are in bed, and we LOVE that it's a predictable bedtime that we can count on (so far) but then if we want to go anywhere, run out to grab some ice cream, take a walk, whatever, oh wait! The kids are in bed! Darn it~


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