Advent: Waiting in Love

Isn’t it difficult to act in love when you’re waiting expectantly for something? Or is that just me? Having passed my due date two days ago, I find myself a tad… just a tad – barely noticeable, I’m sure… cranky.

It’s okay if people pamper me and wait on me… I deserve it… I’m still pregnant. Right? Some folks were telling me that I was lucky that I could skip buying Christmas gifts and no one would hold me responsible because hey, I’m having a baby. 

How do you wait in love? How do you love others when your focus is on yourself or your expectation? It’s a bit of a challenge in my opinion.  

As we await the Christ child’s birth this week and the second coming each day, I am reminded not forget to love outwardly as the life of Jesus so perfectly modeled. It can become a temptation to focus solely on the waiting­­ or on the specifics of my own experience, but then I am missing the abundance of this life that Christ promised. There is redemption in relationship and beauty in service.

God bless your Christmas week and the celebration of the birth of Jesus!

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